What Price for Jewish Blood?

An 18 year old soldier was stabbed in the stomach today while waiting for a train at the HeHagana railway station in Tel Aviv.  A terrorist attempted to steal the soldier’s weapon, and when the soldier resisted, the savage stabbed him in the gut and then, attempted to flee until he was caught by passersby.

At a hitchhiking post outside of the town of Alon Shvut, near Gush Etzion, three woman were assaulted by an Arab who jumped out of a passing car and stabbed them all, killing a 17 year old girl. A local guard shot and killed the criminal.

In the past two weeks, people waiting for trains on the Jerusalem Light Rail have been purposely run down by Arabs in cases of pre-determined vehicular murder. One of those innocent victims was a 3 month old American baby. Today, the “Palestinian” media has shown cartoons urging their people to use their cars to murder Jews. There is even a song performed by two young Arab men praising the killers of this infant.

The entire nation of Israel is in mourning for the victims of these terrorist acts and enraged over these bloodthirsty and premeditated cases of savagery. Someone must be made to pay-someone must be held accountable.

True, the security services do what they can and it would be impossible to post a police officer in every home and on every street corner in the nation.  I am quite certain that many hundreds of attacks have been beaten back and prevented by the intelligence agencies and the classified acts of the security services. But the fault for these vicious and malodorous instances lies with the perpetrators and those who actively aid and abet them.

For generations, the Arabs have taught their children that the best way to enter their “Paradise” is to murder a Jew. They have been nurtured, like the Hitler Youth of 80 years ago, that Jews are subhuman and evil creatures-as their media portrays us today, as the descendants of apes and pigs. The terrorists who, today stabbed and killed a 17 year old girl and severely wounded a young 18 year old soldier, began their paths to this day years ago at their parents’ knees and their teachers’ lesson plan. They heard it from the man who taught them Islam and the imam who preached hate from his pulpit. No one is born to be a murderer, it takes a village.

So, just as the murderer must be tried, convicted and put to death, for the only sane sentence for these savage deeds comes at the end of a drop with a sharp drop, so must those who led him to the gallows, pay for his guilt.

If the terrorist is an Israeli citizen, his home and that of his family must be destroyed. All benefits coming from the National Insurance Institute, all benefits from any of the Health Funds that they participate in, must be stopped immediately. Their citizenship must be revoked, their Israeli passports and identify documents made forfeit and any financial assets that they possess from bank accounts, investment funds and pensions must be given to the family of the victim of the crime.

If the terrorist comes from a locality within Judea and/or Samaria under Israeli security control, all the above must be carried out if they are citizens of the state, if not, all work permits must be terminated as well as employment within Israel or Israeli controlled territories.

If the terrorist has domicile within Area A (under total control of the “Palestinian Authority”) or has entered the country illegally from Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces must respond with appropriate military means to punish those in charge. This should not be limited to the interruption of all utilities, including water and electrical power, to any village or part of a city from whence the terrorist originated.

ALL captured terrorists, from wherever and with whatever prior citizenship, upon being found guilty, must be hanged until they are dead. There can be no prison time for these beasts where the Israeli taxpayer must provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care and even, cable television to murderers of our people. This obscenity must stop immediately.

We cannot prevent every act of brutality upon our people, we cannot stop every fiend from entering our country illegally to do us harm, we cannot post a soldier at every doorway, but we can put an excruciatingly high price on the blood that these savages spill.

Jewish blood will remain cheap until we raise the price for its drops.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.