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What would the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander say?

Who needs to destroy the Zionists when they're doing the job themselves? An imagined memo from Gen. Hossein Salami
Illustrative: Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard commander Gen. Hossein Salami addresses during the funeral ceremony for five members of the Guard killed in Syria, in Tehran, Iran, August 4, 2022.  (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, file)
Illustrative: Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard commander Gen. Hossein Salami addresses during the funeral ceremony for five members of the Guard killed in Syria, in Tehran, Iran, August 4, 2022. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, file)

To: President Raisi. Top-secret, for your eyes only. Urgent.

From: Hossein Salami, Commander, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps

Praise Allah, the end of the Zionist entity, “Israel,” is at hand. Our previous assumption, that we would need decades to bring about their internal collapse and destruction, has been overtaken by events. The Zionists are committing national suicide. With just a little help from us, their 75th-anniversary celebrations may be the last. 

The Zionist regime is rotten. The premier, who is under indictment on multiple corruption charges, and his hatchet man, the justice minister, launched a “judicial reform” that will eviscerate the judiciary and separation of powers and make a mockery of their democratic pretensions. The reforms include an “override clause” (a.k.a. adios judicial review), the appointment of court jesters instead of justices, and the transfer of the deeds to two government ministries to a former minister who has already served jail time. 

Although legally barred from addressing issues that might affect his own trial, the premier is – forgive my indelicate wording – giving the finger to the Supreme Court and attorney general. Special legislation has been introduced to enable the aforementioned former minister, with recidivist tendencies, to return to the cabinet. Other ministers and Knesset members face a variety of corruption charges. 

We anticipate a battle royal between the executive and judicial branches, which will shake the very foundations of the Zionist entity, especially if the Supreme Court nullifies any of the reforms, or declares the premier unfit for office. The law enforcement agencies, including the police and Shin Bet, will have to decide whom to obey should a confrontation emerge, the executive, or judiciary. 

The Zionists’ economy, including their vaunted high-tech sector, is at grave risk. Foreign firms are hesitant to invest in non-democratic and unstable states and a capital flight has already begun. The Zionists do export some gas, but we will soon decide, together with Hezbollah, when to end that, too.

The chaos is everywhere. Left against right, secular against religious, Mizrachim against Ashkenazim, everyone against the Arabs. Intellectuals, scientists and Nobel laureates, business-people and former Supreme Court justices, have denounced the proposed reforms. The mass demonstrations that we recently suppressed pale in comparison. 

Their military is unraveling. Former commanders of the IDF and heads of the Shin Bet and Mossad have joined the protests. A former Chief of Staff spoke publicly about the duty to disobey orders under a dictatorship and a former deputy Chief of Staff called for civil disobedience. The reserves, the backbone of the IDF, are in open rebellion and it is just a short jump from there to the regular military. As we know from our own revolution, when the military comes apart, the rest of the state soon follows.

For years, the craven Americans and their Zionist puppets have threatened us with regime change. In reality, the Zionists are the only one in danger of this. 

The Zionists’ greatest friends abroad are aghast at what is happening and they are rapidly losing whatever vestiges of support they still have among the Western democracies. As it is, they have had it with the Zionist settlement and occupation of Palestinian lands and they will soon become the pariah they should be. Even the perfidious Americans will not support a semi-dictatorial theocracy. 

We now have sufficient fissile material for a few A-bombs. For two decades, the fear of crippling sanctions and even military attack kept us from developing a missile warhead, the final hurdle to an operational nuclear capability. With both the Zionists and the American imperialists distracted by their internal putrefaction, and the entire international community focused on Ukraine, this consideration is rapidly dissipating.

We have the Zionists surrounded. Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets, as well as precise missiles and UAVs. Hamas’s and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s rocket arsenals are growing rapidly and we have deployed missiles in Iraq and Yemen. When the war comes, we will decimate the Zionists’ home front and civil infrastructure, put their airbases out of action and destroy other critical capabilities. 

We will continue supplying UAVs and possibly ballistic missiles to our great ally, Russia. In return, we expect advanced weapons and support for our positions in Syria and on the nuclear issue.

Mr. President, a number of issues require your urgent consideration.

First, when to activate our cyber capabilities to further exacerbate the domestic tensions that already threaten the Zionist regime’s stability. Russia’s cyber campaign against the US was nothing in comparison.

Second, when to complete development of the nuclear warhead and “breakout” to an operational nuclear capability. Should the Zionists and their American masters fail to respond decisively to our recent probing move – enrichment just short of the military level – we will know that the time has come. 

Third, whether to take a daring diplomatic initiative and propose mutual nuclear disarmament; we dismantle our program, if the Zionists do the same. For decades, the international community tolerated their nukes, because they were considered a responsible democracy and faced existential threats. The fallacy behind this is now clear to all. At a minimum, this initiative would increase tensions between them and Washington and further isolate them international.

Fourth, how to deepen the growing split between the Zionists and American imperialists. As it is, the Zionists’ self-destructive policies in the West Bank and judicial reforms are undermining their national character and placing them on a collision course with the US. If we curb our activities in Syria and Lebanon, exercise nuclear restraint, or even just tone down our rhetoric, the Zionists will be able to complete the work they have begun.

Fifth, when to exploit tensions in Jerusalem, the West Bank or Gaza, to launch a coordinated onslaught, together with Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to finally eliminate the Zionist entity. As Hezbollah leader Nasrallah so eloquently once put it, their society is a cobweb waiting to be torn apart.

The Zionists have no idea what awaits them.

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Chuck Freilich, a former Israeli deputy national security advisor, is a senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School. He is the author of Israeli National Security: a New Strategy for an Era of Change, Oxford Press.