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What’s The Point of Podcasting?

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In one of his most famous works, “Ars Poetica / the Art of Poetry”, as he offers advise on the art of writing poetry and dramatic literature, the Roman poet Horace wrote:

“The aim of the poet is to inform or delight, or to combine together, in what he says, both pleasure and applicability to life.”

If you’ve ever heard someone say, the point of cinema is to educate and entertain, they’re really quoting Horace. Educate and entertain is the most often used stand in for Horace’s original advise to “inform or delight.” Podcasting is no different. In some ways, because, like poems, podcasts rely so heavily on the spoken word, Horace’s timeless advise is even more important for the podcasting medium.

Intimacy is the new gold standard of the 21st century. Meaningful connections with other humans are what we hunger and after seek out. That’s where podcasting draws it’s power, from our desire to connect personally with each other. Because podcasts bring an authority of your choosing straight into your ears, literally inside your head. There’s nothing more personal than that, at least not until we figure out telepathic communication. You can listen to podcasts while doing anything, but a truly great podcast will make you, and others like you, stop in their tracks. When the two parts of Horace’s quote come together with such power that you simply can’t do anything other than stop and listen, be drawn in, and feel connected as a result.

Your community probably already exists, or at least a community like yours. That’s why you got into podcasting in the first place! Even a simple action, like asking a friend the most intimate of questions, “Hey, do you know where to find resources on ______?” can start the snowball rolling. You see a need for entertaining, educational content, maybe even content you yourself are looking for, and you decide to just make it. Not for you, but for all the people like you who are looking for that content too. That’s your community, and it can grow as large as you want it. That’s the point of podcasting.

The point of podcasting is to entertain, educate, and connect the community you’re already building.

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Southern by birth, New England by training, Nathan J Vaughan is a storyteller, creator, and podcast producer. He helps people fall in love with content creation, telling their story, and increasing their visibility through podcasting without the stress.
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