When hate Is not enough

Timmna Valley, Israel Near Eilat Nov 2011
Startling Landscape Timna Valley, Israel Photo Credit: Leslie-Ann Stoffel

We were all struck with shock and horror when the three young Jewish Boys were kidnapped near Hevron on Thursday evening.  There have been a few groups clamoring to claim responsibility with the terror group now moving in on Iraq as a front runner I believe.

Immediately all social media was abuzz with news stories and calls to prayer for their safe return.

A group of young people started a Facebook & Twitter account with the name and #Hashtag #BringBackOurBoys. All pro-Israel people on social media jumped on board to help promote the pages and to bring awareness that the boys had been kidnapped.

They started a campaign inviting us to send in photos holding signs with the words, Bring Back Our Boys. Many of us did it, including me.

I was not prepared for the onslaught of hate that I was to experience simply from posting this photo along with other Tweets and Facebook posts in favor of the safe return of the boys.

I’m not Jewish, however, I think I got a small taste of what my Jewish friends go through. The level of hatred was so powerful that it was palpable, even over the computer screen.  I was facing evil in its purist form.

I was savagely verbally abused because I had compassion for 3 innocent Israeli, unarmed children, who had been kidnapped by blood thirsty killers.  This was my crime.

They actually agreed that this kidnapping was justified. In addition to that, there were reports that the Arabs in Gaza and parts of Judea and Samaria were celebrating this vicious crime against humanity.

These vicious haters don’t want a state, they want the Jews gone and anyone who supports them.

As I said earlier, I’m not Jewish but my mother was a Zionist when I was growing up. She had Jewish friends and back then it was taken for granted that the Holy Land belonged to the Jews. The Biblical historical narrative had not yet been removed from the lexicon of western culture.

As I grew into being a teen, I learned about The Holocaust. I was stunned that people could be hated to the point of being murdered just because they were Jewish.

I vowed to myself that if that were to ever happen in my life time that I would say something about it.  My youth and naivety made me think that I could fight this vicious hatred.

I try to do my part on social media, writing for blogs and articles and making videos of my time in Israel as well as working on special projects that assist the people of Israel.

I am not that young naïve kid anymore, but even I was shocked at the extreme levels of hatred coming at me because I support Israel and the Jewish people.  And because I was sympathetic to the young Jewish Boys who had been kidnapped.  This act is actually considered a crime against humanity.

What I experienced told me that we are back in a time where the Jewish people are facing a worldwide wave of hatred that could manifest itself in the same scenario we faced back in WW2.

This experience has made me more determined than ever to support, protect and love the Jewish people and their beautiful country Israel.

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About the Author
Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a Canadian pro-Israel advocate and blogger. She is very active in this capacity on Facebook and Twitter with over 21,000 followers. She also writes for The Jewish Press, has reported for Israel National News and has a blog on the CIJA - Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Blog - The Exchange.
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