Aharon Gottlieb
Aharon Gottlieb
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When ignorance is invincible

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I am an Israeli Jew. It is my pride and joy to be both Israeli and Jewish. There can be no greater gift in the world.

Yet, I am also tired. I am so tired that I do not care if what I write today will upset someone. We are very direct and assertive in Israel and nobody takes offense, it is just our way — as much as Israel means home to us, other Israelis mean family and, as such, we are free to express our thoughts. Today I am communicating in the manner that has become natural to me.

I am tired not only because of the stress of an unimaginable magnitude and sleep deprivation that we Israelis suffered in the past weeks as thousands and thousands of rockets poured over our heads. I am tired rather because of the usual response, in the form of pure hatred, that poured over our heads – and the heads of my fellow Jews all over the world.

When it comes to Israel and Jews, the whole world seems to be made of unbiased experts holding PhDs in international law, Middle Eastern history, and Jewish culture. They are so unbiased and specialized that when the first flash of a news story appears, they are ready to immediately condemn Israel and embolden terrorists.

As usual, a number of our supposed allies fail us because, after all, they are the representatives of these holy and unbiased expert judges on everything Israel, their constituents. This is not to mention other countries, such as China, a paradigm of human rights (or any kind of rights), who take the opportunity to try and strangle us.

Then, and they must be mentioned, there are the celebrities. They rush to their Twitter and other social media accounts to demonize Israel and give legitimacy to Islamic terrorism. But they are only “Pro-Palestinian” at the end of the day, right? Maybe not really because if you ask them to name one single characteristic or item of the so-called Palestinian culture, they will not be able to answer. Of course, some of these celebrities are doing exactly what they have been trained to do, which is to repeat lines without much thinking. So they are all happy to work for free for Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (both true items of the so-called Palestinian culture). But G’d forbid a celebrity say something slightly pro-Israel, they are sure to have their contracts terminated.

There is also the moral equivalency group. They are easily recognizable because, irrespective of whatever happens, they always start a sentence saying, “But Israel”. And the sentence continues to find some absurd excuses for terrorism, even as Hamas attacks convoys of humanitarian aid (and crews) being provided to them in wartime thanks to demonized Israel. They are extremely focused on Israel in their daily lives, but unfortunately, they are too busy and out of cash to learn Hebrew and pay a small fee to have Israeli TV channels at home and have a better understanding of our reality. They are also too busy to web-translate Palestinian propaganda teaching hatred to infants and adults alike. However, of course, they claim to know all the details of the potential eviction of a couple of families that happen to be “Palestinian” in Shimon HaTzadik, which they love to call Sheikh Jarrah (just like they call Judea and Samaria by the name West Bank, Shechem — the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel — by the name Nablus and so on and so forth). It is irrelevant to them that this is a private law, tenancy case that has been in court for decades and refers to refusal to pay rent. It is really irrelevant because to them, Jews are still dhimmis, so why would a Jewish owner of a property be entitled to rent.

A special mention must be made to the “disproportionate” team. Whatever Israel does — and it only does in self-defense — is intrinsically disproportionate. They think that the same number of Israelis must die in a war for self-defense to be proportionate. They do not consider, though, how disproportionate it is for Israel, having the most moral army in the world, to advise Gazan civilians (and, consequently, terrorists too) before each counterattack, while we Israelis have a few seconds to run to a shelter — no matter if we are sleeping, having a shower, nursing a baby, or using the toilet. This in my view is what is actually disproportionate. But of course, we are supposed to tolerate attack after attack, including the ones that occur almost daily in the south in times of “peace”.

As an Israeli, I also must silently listen to the sermons of the self-righteous settlement cry-babies — yes, they use the word “settlements” instead of “Jewish communities” to make their antisemitism less blatant. They have decided that it is a crime for Jews to build in their own homeland, in particular in Judea and Samaria. No matter if it is just a family adding one bathroom to their house, it is plain wrong. No matter if Judea and Samaria was lawfully recovered by Israel while defending itself in the 1967 war. No matter how the Oslo Accords address area C. The settlement groupies cannot explain what international law is, but they sure know everything about it and support BDS, even though BDS hurts the “Palestinians” they purport to stand up for.

What about the apartheid crowd? Yes, we are also forced to deal with them. They will not open a dictionary to check what apartheid means, but they are sure Israel is an apartheid state. One cannot argue with them because, it is incredible, they know the fabric of Israeli society better than Israelis. Better than dark-skinned Israelis representing Israel in the Eurovision contest or occupying the position of ministers of state, better than Arab Israelis sitting in the Supreme Court, better than Druse Israelis with high ranks in the army and any Israeli in general. They diminish the pain of those who indeed suffered under the South African apartheid regime, but this is again irrelevant. What matters is to abuse Israel.

This finally leads me to the “Free Palestine” faction. They come up with all sorts of arguments. For example, Gaza is too densely populated (as if this were Israel’s fault) – they do not consider that Paris is four or five times more densely populated and no one is trying to free the French, including the French. They sing “from the river to the sea”, a call for a second Holocaust, the annihilation of the current Jewish people of the State of Israel and the establishment of a single judenrein Palestinian state. They claim Gaza is under Israeli siege, as if Gaza did not have a border with Egypt, Hamas leaders and operatives did not manage to travel to Turkey and Qatar, and Aston Martins arrived magically in Gaza by teletransport. They do not realize that the “Palestinian cause” is a business that has made the likes of Arafat and Marzook very, very rich, and, therefore, a solution for the conflict is not in the interests of “Palestinian” leaders. And, yes, they do refuse to open a history book because if they do, they will learn that the word “Palestinian” was originally used to refer to Jews in the Mandate and what they call “Palestinians” are regular Muslim Arabs that are not indigenous to this land and indeed suffer much more in the hands of the Lebanese and Syrian, for example, than the ones in Judea and Samaria, some of which find employment and income in Israel. The test is simple: in any “Pro Palestinian” event, the focus is on Israel, not the so-called “Land of Palestine”, and no single person is able to explain the difference between a “Palestinian” and any John Doe of the Muslim Arab world.

The common denominator of all these gangs (which often overlap) is obviously antisemitism. An antisemitism that some of these insane people refuse to accept, even though they will be in any instance and as a matter of principle against Israel, the only Jewish state on earth. An antisemitism that some others happily embrace without any shame as they parade around the world with swastikas, chanting “Heil, hitler” and beating diaspora Jews that maybe never set foot in the State of Israel.

So, yes, I am sleep-deprived and stressed out. But above all, I am tired of people who are utterly biased and, yet, feel entitled to criticize a country they know nothing about simply because they hate Jews.

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Aharon Gottlieb is a lawyer by profession, who has also learned Psychology. He has a special interest in the interwoven areas of national and international security, intelligence, defense and foreign policy. He writes about life in Israel and current events that are relevant to Israel and the Jewish people. In early 2018, Aharon immigrated to Israel, which has added further meaning to his life.
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