When Immorality Poses As Morality

In the time of the Maccabees, it was thought to be a sin to fight even a protective war on the Sabbath. The Greeks knew this – and they massacred many Jews. Judah Maccabee proclaimed an end to this moral confusion and Jews began to fight back on the Sabbath. The immoral attitude of the Jews back then was as follows: allow your enemies to know and to exploit your weak points in a time of war.

Today’s analogy in the time of war is the idea that the State of Israel will go to great lengths to not kill or injure women and children. What a surprise then that the Hamas stores its missiles in schools and hospitals and shoots rockets into Israel from crowded neighborhoods. They know this as our weakness and they exploit it with the result that Israeli soldiers and citizens are killed or maimed.

It must be understood that the idea of morality in war is a rather weak and limited idea. In truth, there is only one moral imperative: to win, whatever it takes. In order to do this, it is critical to know the enemy. In today’s world, the enemy is more ruthless than Hitler or Stalin and more fanatical than a Kamikaze pilot. This enemy must be destroyed – en masse.

ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the other countless deranged fighters for radical Islam are beyond the pale, beyond any kind of moral consideration. Failure to understand this puts the entire world at risk. They must be destroyed completely and without hesitation, meaning that if their children are in the way, so be it, they must die as well. Israel did not put them in harm’s way. Hamas did, and with intention. It is regrettable, but at the same time it is unavoidable.

What kind of moral stance is it to put our own childrens’ lives at risk for the sake of their children? It is an ugly lie and unnatural to assume such a stance to be moral. When this is internalized, it will be understood that currently the Israeli army acts immorally towards its soldiers and towards the Israeli citizenry. Its attempt at saving the innocent lives of its enemies is actually an immoral stance that cannot be justified. It is immoral to put up a sign that says “Attack the Jews on the Sabbath for they will not respond” and it is equally immoral to announce “Hide behind your babies because the Israelis have no stomach for such fighting.”

The Israelis need not put one soldier at risk. Before sending in the boots, the IDF should warn the citizens to leave to the beach, supply them with tents. first aid materials and food, and then bomb the rest of Gaza into oblivion. Then and only then should they take apart the tunnels and find and capture the cowardly leaders of Hamas crouched in these tunnels and kill them. Israel must send a message to radical Islam and become the leader of the Free World. Israel can be moral only if it is ruthless in its fight against pure evil. At the end of the day, more lives will be saved by fighting heartless brutality with its equivalent.

That, in a nutshell, is the only possible morality of this growing world war.  Any other stance is not one of morality, but rather of fear and confusion.

There is one more important point to be made: do not fear the world! The entire world is in panic from the threat of radical Islam, but it too is steeped in its own false moralities to take proper action. Israel will be admired should they take the lead. This much is guaranteed. Anti-Semitism only exists when Israel is weakened by its own immorality. When Israel does not hesitate, does not fall to false morality, but rather puts the lives of its soldiers and citizens above that of its enemies in a war it did not start, the world will be with us.

People of all lineages and nationalities respect a country that protects its own against total evil, no matter what it takes. There is not a single sane person in our world that considers Hamas or ISIS or Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah or any of their cronies as anything but pure evil. Some people still support them, but that is only because of the human tendency to follow the winner.

Let Israel win, and let Israel lead! The free world will follow; they have no other choice.


About the Author
Asher Keren writes about science and philosophy, is an author and religious settler who has lived in Israel for over thirty years.