Alex Rose

When Insanity is Regarded as Normalcy

“Much of the footage is from Hamas’s own body cams from their own cell phones,” Cruz said. “We saw terrorists celebrating as they murdered children and women, as they desecrated the bodies, we saw them beheading bodies with knives, we heard audio of the terrorists calling their parents celebrating the people that they murdered.”

He paused a long moment. “There is a level of evil and hate and depravity that defies words,” he said. [Times of Israel]

In these days as the Hamas-Israeli war rages an old canard, “The Two-State Solution” has once again raised its ugly head. No less than Joe Biden, who claims to be supportive of Israel; while this is not reflected in his recent remarks. As reported in JNS of December 12, 2023,”Biden: Israel losing world support, must embrace two-state solution—This government in Israel is making it very difficult for him to move,” the US president said of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He continued, “This is the most conservative government in Israel’s history” adding that the government “doesn’t want a two-state solution.” He waffled on, finishing with “—bringing Israel together in a way that provides for the beginning of option -an option of a two-state solution, because absent that—-It’s probably more than you wanted to hear, but—-“He even referred to Hamas as animals!”

Honest Reporting Canada: “In a recent open letter signed by more than 150 ‘journalists in Canada, signatories called for more overt pro-Palestinian content in Canadian News reporting an condemned Israel for what it described as ‘violence enacted upon journalists [and civilians] in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli government.”

I24 news December 12, 2023 headline reads, “Biden calls on Netanyahu to change makeup of government coalition.” Most media response being Leftist tended to accept an even acted on Biden’s words of wisdom. Israel’s leaders need to emphasize Israel’s and only Israel’s arguments on sovereignty as opposed to the Palestinian Indigenous claims.

Joan Peter’s classic, “From Time Immemorial”, clearly annunciates the Land of Israel as being indigenous to the Jewish people. The Jewish presence in “the Holy land”—at times tenuous —persisted throughout its bloody history. In fact, the Jewish claim —whether Arab- born or European-born Jew to the land now called Palestine does not depend on a two-thousand year-old promise.

Buried beneath the propaganda —which has it that Jews “returned” to the Holy Land after two thousand years of separation, where they found crowds of “indigenous Palestinian Arabs”—is the bald fact that the Jews are indigenous people on the Land who never left, but who has continuously stayed on their Holy Land.

Think-Israel of July-August, 2007 discusses, “A Tour of Palestine: The Year is 1695” by Avi Goldreich. The findings [1] No one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin. [2] Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. [3] The book totally contradicts any post-modern – theory claiming a “Palestinian heritage, “or Palestinian nation.

The Reverend James Parkes, an authority on Jewish/non-Jewish relations in the Middle East, assessed the Zionist’s “real title deeds” in 1949
“It was, perhaps, inevitable that Zionists should look back to the heroic period of the Macabees and Bar-Cochba, but their title deeds were written by the less dramatic but equally heroic endurance of those who had maintained the Jewish presence in the Land all through the centuries, and in spite of every discouragement.”

By the time the Arabs conquered the land in 636, and were not conquered by the Jews until 1099, the Muslim Arabs acknowledged, ‘—we have evidence that Jews lived in all parts of the country and on both sides of the Jordan, and that they dwelt in both the towns and the villages, practicing both agriculture and various handicrafts.’”[Pages 80-83]

For 1,700 years the Jews lived virtually uninterrupted in their Land until AD70. The Arabs ruled the Land AD 640-1099. Bottom line, only the Jews had a continuous presence in the “Holy Land”.

Biden’s updated venom these days has found its way into the NY Times, whose headline reads, “The Biden administration has told the Israeli government that it wants Israel to end its large-scale ground campaign in the Gaza Strip around the end of the year and transition to a more targeted phase in its war against Hamas, four officials said.” Chutzpah!! These useful idiots no doubt were counseled by self hating J Street members and anti-Israel Leftists who use the war for bashing Netanyahu.

In 2008, Biden said the opposite in that it was “not a question for us to tell the Israelis what they can and cannot do “but that he had “faith in the democracy of Israel.” Dr. Victor Hanson has anointed Biden as “The Most Dangerously Radical President in US History.” Some of his comments:

Take the border or rather its disappearance.

Never in US history has an administration simply canceled immigration laws, opened the border, and welcomed in millions of illegal aliens. All arrive illegally, and without audit, or vaccinations and tests in times of pandemic.
Cartels now import lethal drugs at will into the United States. We have no idea how many terrorists walk across the borders each day.

Almost all the entering millions who break the law are poor, without high school diplomas or English skills, and in dire need of massive state housing, food, education, legal and health subsidies.

Do the Leftists in Washington believe that millions of dependent new residents will look to the Left for decades of support and soon find ways to reciprocate with fealty at the polls? Is that why Democrats brag in unapologetic tribal fashion about changing the demography of the electorate?

Former president Barak Obama’s energy secretary-designate Steven Chu once grafted in the 2008 campaign when he openly wished that US gas prices would reach European levels.

In truth, the Left has always believed the only way to achieve their objectives of discouraging driving, forcing middle-class Americans onto trains and buses, and persuading them to live in urban high high-rises rather than drive carbon—spewing cars from spacious urban ranch-style homes was to encourage high fuel prices.

Is what Americans see as dangerous crime something the Biden zealots applaud as tough social Kama?
Is that agenda why Biden, during the current energy crisis, simply canceled new federal oil and gas leases? As diesel hits $5 a gallon in California, why else did he refuse to finish the Keystone XL pipeline or reopen Alaskan oilfields?
Inflation continues officially to exceed 8% per annum. Most consumers feel it is double that when they pay for food, fuel, building materials, houses, or rent-the essential stuff of life.
What did the Biden Administration expect would follow from keeping real interest rates at near zero, while printing dollars at the moment supplies were short and demand was spiking?
Or did it think inflation more fairly “spreads the wealth? Does it prompt new necessary attacks on “corporate greed? Does it demand more federal intervention and socialist policies? Or did it think inflation more fairly “spreads the wealth”? Does it prompt new necessary attacks on “corporate greed?” Does it demand more federal intervention and socialist policies?

It destroys any idea of meritocracy and divides the country artificially into supposed victims and victimizers. But do the Biden people see it that way? Or do they promote racial tensions and tribalism, as welcome revolutionary fervor? .
Violent crime is on its way to 1970s levels. The combinations of defunding the police, radical city and county prosecutors who don’t charge or lock up criminals, and emptying jails and prisons have ignited a national crime wave.
When pressed about inflation and fuel price hikes, Biden either blames someone or something else. Gets mad at the questioner, or claims former President Trump did it.
In truth, the Left has always believed the only way to achieve their objectives of discouraging driving, forcing middle-class Americans onto trains and buses, and persuading them to live in urban high-rises rather than drive carbon-spewing cars from spacious suburban ranch-style homes was to encourage high fuel prices

Biden’s administration apparently believes things are going well and according to plan.

Americans are tired of the new woke tribalism. Judging individuals on the basis of their race, gender, or superficial appearance is amoral, and contrary to the entire civil rights movement, and the U.S. Constitution..

In that regard, the Bidenites promote identity politics as a good way to stir up the pot, to demonize supposed oppressors and deify the oppressed – all as a way of retaining political power. For the Left, living in a socialist nation controlled by an elite is far preferable to living in a free and prosperous one answerable only to the people. If inflation is “bad” for most, it may not seem so to this Left-wing administration

The public believes the Biden Administration has failed America with disastrous results due either to its incompetence belligerence or Left-wing zealotry.

In sum, what Americans see as an abject catastrophe, they cheer on as a stunning and planned success?

Israel Kasnett’s “Learning the lessons” which appeared in the JP magazine of Sept. 2012 serves as a particularly appropriate judgment in history, as reflected in its title and leading introduction, “Eleven years, after the 9/11 tragedy, the West still doesn’t understand the dangers of radical Islam.”

“Ever since Osama bin Laden declared war on America, marking according to preeminent Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, the resumption of the struggle for religious dominance of the world that began in the seventh century, the West has completely misunderstood the true intention of radical Islam.”

President Barrack Obama believed, when he took office in 2009, that he could reach out to the Muslim and Arab world and bring them around. How naïve! Obama failed to understand what Lewis emphasized, “If the fundamentalists are correct in their calculations and succeed in their war, then a dark future awaits the world, especially the part of it that embraces Islam.”

Tension between Jerusalem and Washington over Iran erupted on the Tuesday when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the world tells Israel to wait and that there is still time. “And I say wait for what? Those in the international community who refuse to put deadlines in front of Iran do not have the moral right to put a red light before Israel.”

As for Biden’s outlook, a glance towards numerous newspaper front pages speaks volumes:

From Front Page Mag,”The Biden Regime’s Epic Betrayal of Israel”. The Biden regime is telling Israel to ease up, and to allow Hamas to live and by so doing be able to kill more Israeli civilians on another day.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby made it explicit: “We’ve been clear with the Israelis that we don’t support them moving forward with operations in the south unless they have a plan to deal with the now increased level of civilians there.

“Old Joe Biden himself recently said that the idea of placing conditions on military aid to Israel in the future was a “worthwhile thought.”Blinken assured Israeli PM Netanyahu that he could count on US support, but added it came with a caveat. ‘—such support required Israel’s compliance with international humanitarian law’ and ‘urged Israel to take every possible means to do so.

’Politico: Former Us Ambassador to Israel [Martin Indyke] says Netanyahu is a clear and present danger to Israel. [12/10/2023]Jewish Press: Biden preparing to oust Netanyahu over ‘war crimes’ by David Israel.[Dec.19, 2023]

Aljazeera: Abbas accusers Israel of “hideous war massacre” after Gaza hospital attack. [18 October, 2023]
Gatestone Institute: Erdogan, “The Image of the Jews is no different from that of the Nazis” by Samuel Westrop. [Feb. 11, 2013]

Times of Israel: “An obstacle to peace”: US lambasts Israeli moves to expand West Bank settlements” by Jacob Magid on 19 June, 2023.

After 9/11 when the horror and trauma had subsided, Americans found themselves asking what had happened and why.
What distinguishes the present anti-Semitism of the rioters who favor Hamas is the acceptance of savage behavior which includes the burning of babies in proximity to their mothers, decapitated bodies and a child and mother burnt alive.

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Alex Rose was born in South Africa in 1935 and lived there until departing for the US in 1977 where he spent 26 years. He is an engineering consultant. For 18 years he was employed by Westinghouse until age 60 whereupon he became self-employed. He was also formerly on the Executive of Americans for a Safe Israel and a founding member of CAMERA, New York (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and today one of the largest media monitoring organizations concerned with accuracy and balanced reporting on Israel). In 2003 he and his wife made Aliyah to Israel and presently reside in Ashkelon.