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When Israel doesn’t share

How did it become Israel's responsibility to protect her enemy?

There’s a new kind of stupid in town. And by town, I mean the world. Apparently, Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, has decided that Israel is committing a war crime because we “don’t like to share our toys” (not a direct quote). Israel, she claims, is eschewing her responsibilities to protect Gazan civilians from getting killed by its rockets by not allowing Gaza to partake of our Iron Dome goodness.

Essentially, it is now Israel’s fault that Hamas is launching rockets from areas densely populated by civilians, and that they are killing their own people. Why.The.Face. That’s the same as blaming…it’s like…it’s just…heck, this accusation is so absurd I can’t even think of an analogous comparison. My brain just blacks out every time I try.

While Israel was busy putting her hard earned aid money to good use to protect her citizens, Hamas put all of Gaza’s aid money to assembling rockets and building tunnels. AKA, not protecting her citizens.

Anyone recall that Aesop’s Fable about the grasshopper and the ant? No one went to the ant and said, “Wow, Ant, you’re a jerk. Grasshopper is dying and it’s all your fault.” Quite the opposite, actually. That story was used to scare all kindergarteners into doing their homework and completing their chores, lest they never get into a good college because they failed Drawing Inside the Lines, or turned into terribly irresponsible people.

Navi Pllay - UN High Commissioner of Hatemongering. (Photo credit: UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz)
Navi Pilay – UN High Commissioner of Hatemongering. (Photo credit: UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz)

So, how did it become Israel’s responsibility to protect her enemy? Because the UNHRC, with such human rights conscious countries such as authoritarian Russia and totalitarian China, Cuba, and Venezuela, and its complete obsession with defaming Israel, is actually a hate group.  A group that, if it were on Facebook, I would report as many times as it took for Mark Zuckerburg himself to remove it for hate speech. Because while the loss of Palestinian life is awful and tragic, to say that Israel is at fault without even considering the role of Hamas is so defamatory that it can be rooted in nothing else except hatred.

But hey, I guess we can give Gaza Iron Dome.  We can always just have all of our women dress modestly instead. I mean, it’s basically the same thing.

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