When it comes to mobile gambling apps, bet on Israeli technology

Israeli tech has made big gains allowing people to place their bets on-the-go
Gambling on a cruise ship (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)
Gambling on a cruise ship (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

Numerous articles have been published over the past couple of years detailing the rise in mobile gambling. Indeed, more and more people are using their Smartphones and tablets to place wagers while on the go. While this surely won’t spell the end for online gambling from PCs, it’s clear from the annual uptick in mobile gambling revenue figures that people enjoy the convenience of being able to gamble wherever they are and are filling otherwise “dead time” with a little bit of slots and table games fun. Intuitively recognizing the changing habits of online gamblers, Israeli companies have led the charge as far as developing mobile apps via which patrons can place their bets.

The world’s leading gambling software developer, Israel-based Playtech, has for instance adapted and optimized much of their portfolio of casino games to operate on the most popular mobile devices and operating systems. Licensees of the software offer branded apps, such as Europa Casino Mobile, that act to directly sync players’ existing accounts. This ensures a seamless connection for the player, who takes his/her same account with them wherever they go and play on their mobile device.

Importantly, local mobile gambling development has evolved with responsible gaming features in tow and has followed international regulatory procedures. Thus, while qualified players can indeed gamble wherever they are, if you’re located in a jurisdiction that prohibits such activity – ironically, Israel is one such jurisdiction – or if you’re not of legal age, the mobile technology will ensure that your access is blocked.

Lest one think it’s just casino gaming that can be enjoyed from the palms of your hands, mobile gambling extends to online poker, online bingo, and sports betting as well.

Smaller, Niche Gambling Utility Apps

While the Israeli tech titans of the online gambling industry have the manpower and expertise to develop complex apps via which players can gamble, niche gambling apps have also been launched in the Holy Land by smaller outlets. Commonly, Israeli appreneurs (individuals or small teams) will make their ideas come to life by taking the “more traditional” start-up route of recruiting investors to fund the app development and marketing. Occasionally, however, there are exceptions to that rule.

One such example is the Poker Notes Live mobile app, which I’ve created and brought to market along with a partner from abroad without any outside funding. It’s designed to act as a utility app that allows live poker players to take quick, efficient notes on their opponents as well as track their results over multiple live poker sessions. Up until the creation of Poker Notes Live, poker players who wished to take notes at live tables essentially had to settle for an old fashioned paper and pen.

A Neon Light unto the Nations?

As noted in my previous Times of Israel blog post about Israeli hi-tech gambling prowess, our country isn’t exactly a Mecca for live or online gambling – certainly we’re no Las Vegas of the Middle East. That said, innovative Israeli app developers are clearly making their mark on the global gambling industry… one mobile device at a time.

Read Start-Up Israel to keep your finger on the pulse of Israeli high-tech and innovation!

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