When liberty betrays itself

If Black Lives Matter was about standing for justice, then by endorsing the blood libels against the State of Israel, they have decided to walk down the path that is the complete opposite of it. They have decided that, rather than be known for a cause that is honourable, they will now taint themselves in the same dark stain of racism they supposedly fight against.

For this is the problem with many of the movements that consider themselves movements of “liberation.” They are no longer liberation movements, but movements that enable those who twist the very noble goals of liberty and instead change it from a festival of hope into a festival of hate. They have long drifted from humble beginnings, decked in principles and decency and instead been hijacked into adopting causes that have nothing to do with freedom and morality. They don’t prevent evil, they enable it.

It’s no different when you see groups like Queers for Palestine, who want recognition of their rights, and yet once again only in the context of hatred against Israel. They wilfully ignore the lack of rights for gay people in Arab countries, simply ignoring the reality and persecution and even murder that they face in the Arab world, while cities like Tel Aviv are considered one of the most “gay-friendly.”

It is hard for Jews to march alongside many of these groups whose goals might have been forged by a belief in something that was once close to pure, because like many others, their agendas are simply hijacked by the narrative of lies and deceit that the Palestinians and their allies have been peddling for years. While they might shout for freedom for their interests of their people, it will not take long before they’re shouting for the destruction of the Jewish state and her people.

Many people say the Black Lives Movement is necessary and perhaps it is. But for any self-respecting Jew or person who cares about Israel, any sympathy or affiliation with their group should quickly dissipate at the very moment they decided to accuse Israel of “genocide” and “apartheid.”

I think it’s sad that movements that should be natural allies of Israel align themselves with groups that are sworn to the destruction of it. They have betrayed the very principles they supposedly uphold and along with it, the people they are supposed to represent. They have also betrayed some of their biggest allies – the Jewish community, who have stood by their same principles. And consequently, they have removed themselves from any serious debate, because how can anyone take a movement seriously that espouses hatred and lies? They have delegitimised themselves.

Black lives do matter, but the Black Lives Matter movement does not.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.