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When the lone soldier is all alone

IDF volunteers wounded in Operation Protective Edge face overwhelming challenges

The war is over. The emergency is over.

Operation Protective Edge went on for 50 days.

There were amazing stories of generous donations, good deeds and unity. The support for IDF soldiers and their mission in Gaza was overwhelming.

There were huge crowds at the funerals for the lone soldiers who lost their lives.

Harriet Levin, the mother of Michael Levin z”l, the lone soldier killed in Second Lebanon War, happened to be in Malha Mall where she met a saleswoman who thanked her for being in Israel in time of war. When the shopkeeper learned who she was, Harriet was immediately invited for Shabbat — whenever she comes back to Israel. The tales of generous giving seemed endless.

But Harriet Levin shared an even more impressive story. The morning after her son’s funeral some eight years ago, an Israeli mother who had also lost a young son called her to talk. And she has called her every Friday morning since then to wish her a Shabbat Shalom.

The two bereaved mothers have talked, no matter what, no matter where they were, every Friday morning, month after month, year after year.

list of wounded soldiers to pray for is going around on social media.

During Operation Protective Edge I was told that a wounded soldier needed visitors. When I went to the hospital I found people lining the corridors waiting to get in.

But as we get back to normal, who will remember these injured soldiers?

Seriously wounded lone soldiers are being released from hospital for rehab and already they are being forgotten and are in desperate need.

They can no longer live in less-expensive fourth floor walk up rentals, but must have first floor handicapped-accessible apartments, which are a necessary, expensive first step back from near-death ordeals to “normal.”

Lone soldiers received a lot of attention over Operation Protective Edge. Where are all those supporters now?

image IDF soldiers

Where is everyone helping to get the wounded back on their feet?

Today a soldier from France with shrapnel in his brain is to be released from hospital. But will he have a home to go to?

The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin wants to make sure that no lone soldier is alone, but they need help and and they need it now.

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