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When will Vermont’s Jews Oust Kapo Bernie Sanders

I waited for the oft described ‘hippie’ Jews of Vermont to picket their Senator, Jew and Israel basher Bernie Sanders when he began spewing lies and bashing Israel, post 2014 Gaza’s Operation Protective Edge. In 2014, as Hamas fired rockets on Israeli civilians, used their children as human shields, as Hamas’ leaders openly stated this is an Islamic Jihad war against the Jews, we had Bernie Sanders, calling for an end to military aid to Israel, while Israeli children took refuge in bomb shelters. Sanders was then forced to issue retractions about his defamatory, false, ignorant claims about casualties in Gaza.

Algemeiner, 4/14/2023,  “Progressive Democrats Demand Biden Conditions Aid to Israel.” This foul letter was organized by Bernie Sanders and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) & signed by the usual Israel bashing Squad. “14 progressive Democrats sent a letter to Biden condemning the Israeli gov’t…demanding Biden draft a plan to ensure that US aid to Israel is not used for human rights abuses…undertake a shift in US policy.”

It is now 2023, and while I read you all actually had a rally in Burlington, in support of Israel, I am still waiting for the good Jews of Vermont to put down their Ben ‘n Jerry’s for a moment, and en masse, regardless of one’s “politics” take firm action, take a moral stand, form permanent picket lines in front of their malicious, Israel bashing Senator Sanders offices, circulate petitions demanding his ouster, demonstrate like your future depends upon it, because it does. 

Sanders has sided with the Hamas loving Jew haters (see below), and has a long history of anti-Israel affiliations and comments. He made only lukewarm statements at best, at your recent rally against Hamas, and to the press. And now he is yet again condemning Israel as a violator of International Law for having the audacity to rid Gaza of genocidal Hamas terrorists. Israel has endured decades of rocket attacks. It left Gaza and instead of building communities of peace, Hamas took over, used the millions given to them for weapons and terror tunnels to kidnap Israelis. Israel has endured the butchering of its babies, elderly, its citizens raped, beheaded and tortured. This doesn’t seem to stop Sanders from his relentless need to continue to speak out against Israel:

Sanders and the world ignore Hamas’  having no use for Jews or infidels (and that means you), its intention to establish a Jew-free Middle East, and then a world caliphate:

—Hamas co-founder speaks of a world with “no Zionism or treacherous Christianity,” says full Islamic control of the planet will ensure justice for all.

In my Blog, The Times of Israel, “How Many Times Do We Need to Bear Witness,”

I remind us of the world’s selective amnesia:

-The “Palestinian” Arabs’ Abbas blaming Jews for the Holocaust:

Western media allows and enables the hijacking of the term “desperation” to fool the path-of-least-resistance West, who ignores their repeated refusals of peace offers, and their own vicious Jew hate, (“Jews are Satan with a tail”)  on their daily media, Palestinian Media Watch,

“Starbucks Workers United, which represents just three percent of Starbucks employees, has landed support from liberal lawmakers like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Sen. John Fetterman (D., Pa.). The Starbucks union joins other American liberal groups in siding with Hamas over their Israeli targets. The Democratic Socialists of America, which counts five House Democrats as members, held rallies across the country in support of Hamas, which has taken dozens of women and children hostage. The Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter advertised an anti-Israel rally with a poster that featured an armed Hamas paraglider, a reference to the gunmen who killed nearly 300 Israelis in the first wave of attacks last week.”

What more do the good people, Jews and non-Jews, of Vermont require? Or are you waiting until they behead your own children here? Have you lost your ability to smell the stench of self rejecting/Israel rejecting Jews, like Socialist Sanders who traveled to the UK to support fellow Socialist Jeremy Corbyn, a loud, vicious Jew hater whose Jew hate was so beyond the pale, he was ousted because of it. Can you not also smell the stench of “progressives” who use this label to foment pure Jew and Israel hatred?

Sanders is a Socialist, first and foremost, a self rejecting Jew in name only, who drags out his Holocaust family members only when he needs them, and almost always when confronted with his blaming of Israel and giving out factually incorrect, misinformation about Israel. Vermont’s Jews and all of its citizens deserve better. 

Jeremy Corbyn, a British politician who was the Leader of the Labour Party is an unapologetic antisemite. Sanders campaigned in the UK for Jeremy Corbyn, a fellow “socialist”  who called Hamas and Hezbollah “my friends” and openly associates with Holocaust deniers and peddlers of blood libels against Jews. The Telegraph newspaper reported,  “In the strongest criticism of Labour’s leader yet by a senior Jewish figure, Lord Sacks said Corbyn was an anti-Semite who defiles our politics and demeans the country we love. Corbyn has given support to racists, terrorists and dealers of hate who want to kill Jews and remove Israel from the map.”

“Bloom was a staunch defender of FDR’s harsh policy toward Jewish refugees…Jewish leaders feared Bloom would serve as “an alibi” for the administration’s claim that rescue was impossible…”

Bernie wants to paint himself as a champion of “victims.”  Yet his repeated calls for halts to, and conditions to, military aid to Israel for its self defense from its genocidal Jihad Islamic neighbors, traveling to the UK to support fellow Socialist and Jew hater Corbyn, and now, while Israel is reeling from burying its mutilated, burned alive dead, he calls Israel a serious violator of international law. Sanders more resembles the kapo Bloom and other kapos before him, than a champion of “victims.”

Isn’t it time to oust this ill informed hypocrite whose own words and actions belie any knowledge of who is a true victim and who is a true Oppressor?

Ginette Weiner, A Zionist Jew

Scottsdale, AZ

About the Author
Ginette Weiner, is a published commentator in Jewish and mainstream newspapers, and a lecturer on strategies for combating media bias, antisemitism, and BDS. She holds an MSW and a Certification in "Understanding Media Bias & Israel Advocacy: Defending Israel from Media Bias", 23rd Mission to Israel, Honest Reporting: June, 2015. She resides in Arizona.