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When your cause is just, you don’t need fake-out photos

Turns out a photo of a Palestinian girl -- allegedly killed by Israel on Monday-- that went viral on Twitter was a fabrication. Is anyone surprised?

The Israel Defense Forces blog has exposed the truth behind a photo that went viral on Twitter Monday with over 300 retweets and quickly became the top tweet for the hashtag #Gaza. The photo, first tweeted by Khulood Badawi, depicts a bloodied Gazan girl lying in her father’s arms, her heartbroken mother looking on. The caption alleges the girl was killed during one of yesterday’s retaliatory IAF strikes.

Turns out the photo originates in 2006 and is unrelated to any Israeli action. Reading about this, only one conclusion comes to mind: when your cause is just, you don’t need to fabricate photos.

The photo tweeted by Khulood Badawi, allegedly depicting a Palestinian girl killed in an Israeli airstrike.
The photo tweeted by Khulood Badawi, allegedly depicting a Palestinian girl killed in an Israeli airstrike.

A gory fake-out

The Gazans want you to think that Israelis are monsters. But think about it: what kind of person has the imagination to concoct such a gory fabrication? And as long as you’re thinking along those lines — is that the kind of person you want living in your neighborhood?

In 2005, Israel threw 8,000 of its own people out of Gaza as a little experiment. “You want a state alongside the Jewish state?” we said to the Palestinians. “You want peace? You want self-rule? Here is a chunk of our land. Knock yourselves out.”

A side dish of irony

Here’s a bit of cruel irony: The total number of rockets that have been launched from Gaza — the very same territory from which we unilaterally evicted 8,000 of our own people — is now over 8,000; in other words, just over one rocket for every Israeli we threw out for the sake of peace. How’s that for a proportionate response?

And as awful as that reality is — especially for the former Gush Katif people who now live in flimsy mobile homes with no shelter from the barrage of rockets — you won’t find fake photos emanating from the Israeli side.

That’s because, yes, Israelis are the good guys in this conflict. Israel uprooted 8,000 people for peace and got 8,000 rockets in return. Israel has no need to resort to false propaganda because her cause is just. But you won’t read about it on CNN — and that’s a fake-out, too.


Update: HonestReporting has discovered that Khulood Badawi, who first tweeted the picture, is a UN employee in Gaza.

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