Where are Jews when media attacks Sheldon Adelson?

Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Miriam Adelson are the largest Jewish philanthropists in the world – and as Mrs. Adelson said this weekend in an op-ed, they have been attacked by the media simply because they oppose President Obama. The Adelsons have been unfairly attacked by the media because they stand up for capitalism, and against the worst president the Jewish state has ever faced.

Regardless of where one may stand politically, the lack of support within the Jewish community for the Adelson family during these trying times is sickening. Where are all the Jewish liberals who speak about freedom of expression, and the “diversity” of views which are so important? They are conveniently quiet.

I don’t doubt for a minute that other proud ethnic groups – African-Americans or Hispanics – would be up in arms if one of their heroes was attacked by the president of the country. How can our so-called “religious leaders” be quiet? The Jewish community has the obligation to speak out and support a family whose foundation gives more than $200 million to Jewish causes annually.

There was no political litmus test through the years for Birthright Israel participants, to which their foundation to date has given $150 million in donations. How many marriages, children and proud Jews have been sparked because of their generosity to Birthright? Surely some of them vote Democrat – and surely many of them would say “These are amazing special people who help the Jewish people and shouldn’t be vilified because they stand up for what they believe in.”

Adelson is the biggest single donor to Yad Vashem in the history of the museum – he has given $50 million through the years — but why hasn’t Yad Vashem spoken out and said, “Leave them alone. They are good Jews who care about our people, and while some of us disagree politically don’t speak of them as pariahs.”?

Dr. Miriam Adelson in her op-ed said it clearly:

In recent weeks my family has come under relentless attack from the White House political operation, elements of the Democratic Party and organizations and media outlets supported by some of the Democrats’ wealthiest donors. These attacks stem sadly from one main reason: our support for the Republican presidential candidate as well as other Republican candidates. Too often there is a media double standard in our country based on situational ethics. The president’s supporters are treated one way while those who might challenge his leadership are treated in another.


This is hypocrisy. History shows that when regimes are challenged — in political war, when feeling threatened — they overstep their authority. Suddenly news of government inquiries that had been proceeding quietly becomes highly public — followed soon after by a series of politically motivated leaks designed to discredit their opponents. And the leaks continue to spring up, like mushrooms after the rain.


Usually leaks spark big media noise initially, but end with a very slight whisper. However, before it is over, there is a major injustice done to those who are the targets of the false and unproven accusations. Politically motivated leaks befit dark regimes, overseas dictatorships. They do not befit America, the world’s greatest democracy. They are not the American way.


All our life, my family has walked in the American way. We did not take anything from anyone. We never felt entitled. Instead, through our own hard work, we struggled for success. My husband, Sheldon Adelson, a son of a poor Boston taxi driver, started his business life at the age of 12, and has achieved everything with his own hands. His companies have directly created more than 50,000 jobs and indirectly provided employment for hundreds of thousands of Americans and people around the world.

The only person to defend them in the Jewish community has been Alan Dershowitz, ironically an outspoken Democrat. As the Harvard Law Professor said: 

I know Sheldon Adelson and I have worked with him on several matters relating to Israel and the Jewish community. I have spoken on behalf of the wonderful school he has built in Las Vegas. And have had the pleasure of teaching one of the brilliant graduates of that school. Adelson was deeply involved in the creation of the Birthright Israel Program, which has had extraordinary success in exposing young Jews to Israel. It’s hard to find anyone who has done as much for the Jewish community as Sheldon Adelson. Adelson grew up in Boston in near poverty and is a shining example of the American dream. He is a self-made multi-billionaire who has contributed significantly to the world of modern technology and to the economic growth ofLas Vegas and other areas. His generosity has helped repair the world…

Other than Dershowitz, the deafening silence of the Jewish community is despicable. The Adelson family themselves is now speaking out – and we should stand up with them. Perhaps all the schnorrers and rabbis who solicit (and receive) countless donations should issue a press release about how generous and special these people are. As the owner of a PR agency, I know it will make a difference, and the media will take notice.

The Adelson family are the world’s largest Jewish philanthropists, and Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Miriam Adelson epitomize many of the great things about American Jewry. It’s a shame that the Jewish community doesn’t support them — as they support the Jewish community. Wake up as one of our heroes is under attack.

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