Where are the settlements?

We woke to a traumatised France on Saturday morning. We woke to a frightened and shaken Europe. For as easily as it happened in Paris, so too could it happen anywhere in this topsy-turvy world of ours. We are all targets of a madness that has been allowed to creep insidiously into our lives. One hundred and thirty two innocent people were barbarically mowed down in the name of ISIS. Hundreds more were injured. And we all mourn. We are broken-hearted for the loss of innocent lives. But we mourn too for the loss of a safe and secure world in which to grow the next generation.

And as a Jew, my mourning is tainted by both anger and perplexity. I am angry that for the past two months Jewish children in Israel have not been able to walk to school for fear of being stabbed. Their fathers have not been able to queue at bus-stops for fear of being rammed by cars. Their mothers have not been able to drink coffee at side-walk cafes or shop for groceries for fear of having a machete thrust into their backs. Fourteen Israelis have been brutally murdered in the last two months, scores more lie injured in hospital, many of them critical. And I am perplexed by the world’s response to this barbarism. Not only are we told, ‘it’s the settlements’, ‘it’s the occupation,’ ‘it’s the houses you are building for Jews,’ but the Israeli government is condemned for protecting her citizens with too much force. We are warned of ‘ a cycle of violence,’ that must at all costs be stopped.

Where are the settlements in France? Where is the occupation? Or perhaps too many French citizens are being allowed to build houses? Absurd questions indeed, but equally absurd to blame the violence Israel faces on any one of her policies. For when Moslems want to create an Islamic caliphate it has nothing to do with settlements or occupation, and has everything to do with the religious calling to take over land that they believe is rightfully theirs and to establish on it an Islamic state governed by Sharia law. They want Israel. They have made that quite clear, not just the West Bank and not just Gaza. And while they are murdering and butchering for Israel they are worming their way quietly into the rest of the countries of the world, to cause havoc and wreak destruction. Eventually to take them over. Melanie Phillips warned of this in her book ‘Londonistan,’ as did Mark Steyn in ‘America Alone.’ Both these books were published almost ten years ago.

Moslem children are being indoctrinated from birth to despise the ‘infidel’, and to scorn western culture. Social media are packed with examples of Imams preaching hatred and violence to their congregants, of television programmes enthusing their child-audiences with the glory of martyrdom, and of late, of fathers teaching their two year olds how to stab Jews. As long as this is allowed to continue, terrorist organisations such as ISIS and Hamas (to name but two) will have instant, willing fodder for their gruesome operations. Our world leaders must be made to understand this. In addition they must be made to recognise that fundamental Islamic terrorism has no cause other than some skewed religious ideology, manifesting itself in blind and savage hatred, not in Tel-Aviv nor in Paris. But as importantly they must be made to understand that the murder of an innocent is as much terrorism in Jerusalem as it is in Paris.

About the Author
Monessa Shapiro is a member of Media Team Israel, a South African based Israel advocacy group.
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