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Where have all the rainbows gone ?

Yup I finally have had it. I have flipped my lid. Lost it. Somehow I just woke up this morning and realized the following.

The Big ten is now 16 WHY CALL IT THE BIG TEN?

WHAT HAPPENED TO RAINBOWS? GAYS STOLE THEM. No I am not anti-Gay, lesbian, LBGT, or whatever else you call people with different preferences. I JUST WANT MY FREAKEN RAINBOWS BACK!! . Who said that you can have them? Where did they go? Somewhere there are drunk leprechauns crying in their beers.

So here is a thought perhaps we trade rainbows for Gay marriage. I don’t care, really I don’t. Really just GIVE, OUR, RAINBOWS, back, NOWWWWWW.

The Big Ten, you are making so much money now by adding teams on the East Coast that you can afford to change your stationary. Take the lead from McDonalds it should be called the BIG TEN PLUS 6 and counting, leave room for more.

Now for the other language hijackers.

The US Navy a Global force for Good: They tried to foist this one on us. Really a Global force for good? How about this one for the U.S. military. A Global force to kick your asses if you threaten us.

There has been a big push for “gender neutrality “in the past 20 years.

Serviceman is not service person
Layman is not lay person
Mail man is now mail person

IF we are being “gender “neutral here then why haven’t you changed HURricane? How about person cane, or storm challenged?

What about the use of acronyms for evil people? Just when I learned the word ISIS President Obama now uses ISIL. Can we please make up our minds here?

We have ISIS, ISIL, ANO, Abu NIdal, ASG Abu Sayyaf group, HAMAS, IG or Islamic group, (ok at least that was simple) nothing like a terrorist who lacks creativity.

IRA, Irish Republican Army, KKK , PFLP, or popular front for the liberation of Palestine,PKK or Kurdistan revolutionary party, PLO or Palestinian liberation organization, BR or red brigades ( Italy) , gentleman why couldn’t that have been RB or Red .. Brigades? Must be a dyslexic terrorist.

The list is a lot longer than this. If you just took out the Muslim terror groups there would be a much smaller amount.

Perhaps they can condense them all into just EVL .

Maybe they started this acronym thing with James Bond. James gave us THRUSH and SPECTRE, SMERSH.
At least these names make sense. Spectre is foreboding, Smersh sounds like smush, and mush mixed together.
Of course acronyms are not just limited to evil organizations. The good guys have them too. There is the fictional television shows like.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Then we had the UNCLE or the Man from UNCLE United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.
Get SMART who worked for CONTROL counter intelligence. Of course there was the bad guys in the series and they were called KAOS.

Then there is the FBI, the CIA, and IRS.

Is there someone that is actually assigned to the job or creating acronyms? Of course we know that there is someone (me) who’s actually worrying, and obsessed about this apparently. There is probably an app or an acronym for that one.

Really I am pretty easy. Just leave stuff alone ,or the LSA group which I am now starting.

Your friend Larry


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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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