Sofia Klein
Sofia Klein
Defining Social-Tech With A Social Girl

Where Social Tech and Female Empowerment Intersect

With only 20 years behind them, these women are thinking 20 years into the future of Social Technology.

The notorious concrete jungle of Har-Hotzvim, aka Jerusalem’s very own Silicon Valley, is a male dominated, Middle-Eastern empire of developers, graphic designers, and engineers. Rich with science-based and technology companies, such as Johnson and Johnson, Intel, and Teva, among numerous others, this high-tech industrial park is on a fast track towards the future. Consequently, the future of these companies is only as promising as the people behind them. In the case of Hilma – Social Tech for impact, extremely young, yet fiercely talented and independent women run the show. 

Founded in 2017, Hilma is the brainchild of Yossi Tsuria, the former Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President for Strategy and Technology at NDS Group Ltd. Originally called Carmel 6000, Hilma – Social Tech for Impact was inspired by Yossi’s experience and education from working in the high-tech world. Influenced by what he identifies as the “power of the technology,” Yossi believes that, with access to the right technology, a small number of intelligent individuals can positively impact the lives of millions, especially in Israel. 

Meshed with the overwhelming potential of Israeli youth, Hilma’s distinctive and economically-feasible model aims for a better, brighter, and more high-tech future. A favorable alternative to serving in the Israeli Defence Force, Hilma allows eligible Israeli citizens, the majority being religious women, to fulfill their National Service as volunteers. Trained as full-stack developers, these incredible women develop innovative applications and solutions with the intention of strengthening traditionally under-resourced populations, including the disabled and disadvantaged. With a focus on education, welfare, and health, Hilma is effectively working to meet the needs of its clients, colleagues, and partners through creative technological means. 

 Hilma’s goals are as follows:

  1. To Nurture technological leaders, training a new generation of young women and men who will change the landscape of the Israeli Hi-tech world.
  2. To Develop innovative technological solutions geared towards traditionally under-served populations.
  3. To Enable social service organizations to better meet the needs of their targeted populations.
  4. To Transform Israel into a proud global leader in social tech, contributing to the fields of welfare, health, and education.

Working in small teams, Hilma’s women have created a variety of Android and iOS compatible applications that address countless societal issues. The app, Accessible Youth Project, for example, was created by Hilma’s finest to raise awareness among teenagers regarding wheelchair accessibility. After examining different entertainment venues, the app’s user is able to rate the location based on their accessibility level, thus informing disabled individuals. Another app Hilma is responsible for is Healthy Plate. Healthy Plate is an online card game that encourages healthy eating. This interactive game is used to improve dietary habits and increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle for elementary school children. To see more of Hilma’s amazing work, click here:

5 years since its creation, Hilma – Social Tech for Impact continues to significantly benefit the greater population of Israel. With nearly 50 finalized applications and counting, this small, non-profit company of teenagers and young-adults is seemingly headed towards world domination. Hilma’s progress should serve as an inspiration for all, as they clearly have proven that anyone, from any background, can enter the high-tech workforce and implement monumental change for the greater good. 

About the Author
Sofia Klein has always felt a strong pull towards Israeli culture and community. Having grown up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, her Jewish background compelled her to venture to Israel in an attempt to fulfill her life-long plans of further understanding her Jewish roots. With an additional love for business and all things art related, advertising and marketing proved to be her ideal career. Meshed with her Jewish identity, Sofia put her professional interests to the test by applying for various jobs within Israel. After securing an internship at Hilma - Social Tech for Impact, Sofia was deeply inspired by the seemingly endless array of opportunities her new, high-tech family not only offered her, but the entire country of Israel. Now a proud, yet temporary member of the Hilma team, Sofia’s blog aims to expand Hilma's impact and education through various media platforms. (Sofia Klein is a rising Junior at Kalamazoo College. She is currently pursuing a major in Business with a creative focus. Sofia also has a concentration in Judaic Studies and one day hopes to make Aliyah) About Hilma: Backed by nearly 80 individuals, ranging between the ages of 18 and 23, Hilma aims to develop and craft innovative applications and solutions in the areas of welfare, education and health for disadvantaged populations and social organizations. Hilma’s solutions not only tackle social issues, but also have a measurable business model with economic feasibility.
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