Where’s the love for Gaza, guys?

An excellent blog appeared on my website today. I wish you would all read it and send it to your friends, family members and those concerned by the situation in Gaza.

By ‘the situation’, of course, I’m not referring to “ISRAEL’S DISGUSTING OCCUPATION!!!11oneone” or whatever the ‘other side’ is tweeting. I’m talking about Hamas… duh.

Look, it’s quite simple. If you want to be a fair and free commentator on the continuing issues in the Middle East, you’ve got to be able to criticise both sides where appropriate. And for the removal of any doubt, I’ll say it now: Israel is not perfect. Israel makes mistakes. Israel’s government policy is not always conducive to peace (though really, is any government’s? Don’t mention Belgium. It’s not a real country).

Did you hear the gasps there? Of course not. Because I presume those reading this are pretty rational individuals who don’t think that criticism of Israeli government policy is somehow tantamount to anti-Zionism. I hope.

Now, where’s the condemnation of this terrorist stuff from Ben White, or Jeremy Corbyn, or the boycott posse (great rap group name, by the way)?

Will we hear it?

Will we see Early Day Motions filed in the British Parliament about Hamas reining down rockets on innocent Palestinians? Or is that an inconvenient truth too far – just like last week, or the other article I wrote recently about Israel and Gaza’s water supply?

I’ll wait for you, guys.

I’m still waiting.

Nothing yet?


Oh f**k it, I’m going home.

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Raheem Kassam is Managing Editor of Breitbart London. He formerly founded TrendingCentral.com, co-launched TheCommentator.com and is an Associate Fellow at The Henry Jackson Society