Which Tech Careers Are On The Rise In Israel?

Tech is a forerunner in Israel and ranks highly on the global scale of science and technology. According to Bloomberg’s Innovation Index, the country is ranked as the fifth most innovative country in the world. While things may have slowed down during the pandemic, it has opened up a world of opportunities in the tech industry as vacant positions are beginning to be filled following the reopening of borders and the restrengthening of the country’s technology sector, especially with 5G implementation being carried out across the nation. 

The demand for A.I specialists continues to rise

AI used to be just a fancy word that we say in science fiction, but today, it’s become a reality. Smartphones are smart home products that often utilize the basis of AI or machine learning in order to increase ease of use and productivity. It increased customer satisfaction as well as building pathways of more innovative technologies. The AI industry is always improving and looking for methods that can drive it a step further. 

Big data is another sector that still has wide potential 

With e-commerce taking off so spectacularly, marketing strategies also need to be more sophisticated. Social media and big data go hand in hand for increased potency in marketing strategies. The problem with big data is that the analyzing part of it is still not as sophisticated as it needs to be, which makes room for those who are interested in helping develop the technologies needed in order to make big data into meaningful insights and information to help businesses predict trends and even to discover new patterns that might help businesses stay on top of their game. 

DevOps meeting the business demands of a digitized age

Pioneering companies like
JFrog recognized the importance of automation and integration for modern tech companies, which spawned DevOps whereby culture where development and operations meet together in order to offer the most convenient and seamless experience to consumers and clients. Gone are the days of isolation whereby developers created their software, the operations team would go on to learn those systems and there was no feedback in between, which caused problems in terms of efficiency. 

According to the experts, DevOps is “all about automation, communication, accountability, shared responsibility, and increased collaboration.” With this in mind, there should be a higher level of efficiency and increase intuition in the software and process that are developed, which makes it a career path which is very much worth exploring. 

Medical equipment is seeing a surge of interest

Following the viral pandemic and seeing the effects of how it wreaked the medical industry, experts in the medical field have also seen an outpouring of interest in developing better technology, processes, treatment, and ultimately, machines. Medical equipment is often expensive and cumbersome, but now there are wearable devices that can monitor everything from heart rate to blood sugar and can be synchronized directly with their doctor’s devices or uploaded to the cloud.

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