Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Who are you

Who are you, my fellow Jew, left-leaning brother, who still holds on to lost fantasies which have been shattered by the grim realness of October 7.

Who are you, my dear brother, lost in the illusions of what you imagine, a dream world that says: “compassion, compassion, unbridled compassion!” despite the need to sometimes be strict, to sometimes show strength, to sometimes fight, as our soldiers risk their lives to protect us all.

Who are you, dear brother, lost in your imagined idealism of what is right, an illusion formed by your own instinct, your own thoughts, your own imagination. “Give them land,” you say. “Give them land,” you cry, you shout, you demand. “Give them their own land,” you state, because those are your views; because you worry what the world might say, despite what the Torah, G-d’s wisdom, says; despite what October 7 has shown — the results of giving away land.

Who are you?

You are my brother. You are part of me, your soul is one with all Jewish souls, forming one collective body, as we accepted G-d’s Torah at Mount Sinai.

You are part of me. You are part of us. And as we follow the role model of our soldiers, we open our eyes to the G-dliness that is everywhere, to the G-dliness within our soul, which unites you with me, with G-d, and with our holy people and our holy land and our holy Torah.

We are one nation. You and I form part of an eternal bond, a deeply and essentially united people. We are one, despite our different views.

And we are both brimming with vitality, with our G-d given ability to give and accomplish so much goodness. Each with our own individual unique skills. Each with our different viewpoints, yet guided by the light of Torah. So that our unique and different strengths and talents and viewpoints combine in a powerful synergy of warmth and goodness. With brotherly caring and love. Together.

Who are you, dear brother, as Redemption with Moshiach is so close.

Who are we? We are one people, one collective soul, bound forever with our G-d.

We are one. And we will be one forever.

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