David Wolf

Who is the real me?

How much effort we invest in concealing ourselves, in disguising who we really are!

“If others find out who I really am, they’ll hate me…”

We even hide from ourselves. I don’t want to believe that all these horrible thoughts, feelings, drives… are really me! I am ashamed of myself.

We hide behind masks – physical and emotional. We work hard to show the world, and even ourselves, an image that we like or at least an image that we can live with. How hard we try to look good, thin, young, responsible, respectable…

And then comes Purim. A time, supposedly, to pretend, to make believe, to pose as someone else, to put on masks…

But it is also a great time, a great opportunity, to remove some of the masks and disguises that we use most of the time and to reveal more of our true self… at least to ourselves.

On Purim we put on masks… in order to unmask ourselves.

And isn’t that what we do in therapy? We try to remove some of our masks and to reveal, at least to ourselves, who we really are…


About the Author
David Wolf writes about his experience of being a second-time husband and father. He has a daughter from his first marriage, and, with his second wife, has accrued three daughters, two sons-in-law, one grandchild and twin 8-year-old sons. He is a social worker in a mental health department and in private practice in Raanana.
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