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Who said what: Hitler, Hamas, or someone on campus?

Found all over social media. Sourced from the ADL.

It’s been a very interesting time to be Jewish in North America. I kind of feel like I’ve gone back in time, to this awkward year where I was being bullied. To make the bullying worse, I was totally being gas-lit. I kept hearing accusations from this person that I was the bully (as the one who sat in meetings silently and had invectives screamed at them.) Nothing like being gaslit into thinking that you’re the problem when you objectively are not. Except now it’s the entire Jewish community.

“It’s not antisemitism” they say, it’s just “anti-Zionism.” “It’s not systemic, these are just bad apples and bad actors, a very vocal minority.” “They don’t have a problem with Jews, per se, just with the State of Israel.” “Y’all are committing genocide against the people who have promised to keep killing you, despite the fact that we don’t have any evidence to support that, we are going to take a page out of Goebbels’ book that if you repeat something enough, it becomes the truth!”. Perhaps this crisis has never more been felt than in the past couple weeks, as wildly antisemitic protests roil university campuses all over North America. One has to wonder why they’re happening right now. Has the “ceasefire now” crowd not noticed that there’s effectively been a ceasefire since Ramadan? Oh, and also, has nobody noticed the matching tents? Yes, grassroots movements. Sure.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence understands that Jews are in an increasingly vulnerable position in North America, demonstrated in the acceptability of antisemitic discourse. This is revealed in the language that has become increasingly acceptable over the years, and even encouraged by some academics. Horrifyingly, much of this language draws on antisemitic tropes that have been considered acceptable by other regimes in history, language I once thought exclusively belonged to another time and place.

To demonstrate, let’s play a game: Can you guess who said which statement? It is Hitler/ Holocaust (I’m going to include statements from Himmler & Goebbels here too), Hamas, or members of an elite university (whether professors or students?) To ensure clarity, I’ve switched mentions of “Jews” to “Zionists,” because apparently that makes it acceptable. To make it really scary, switch all “Zionists” to Jews. Scary, and definitely more accurate. After all, my Christian friends who believe in the necessity of the Jewish state are not being attacked for that belief. Nor being restricted from University libraries.

Let’s see how many you get right. Answers and sources at the bottom. And let’s just go ahead and send this list to anyone who says that anti-Zionism and antisemitism are not the same thing.

Remember: is it Hitler, Hamas, or on Campus?

Let’s play.

  1. All the Zionists want is a central state … endowed with its own sovereignty and removed from the intervention of other states.
  2. Zionists are the scum of the nations and the pigs of the earth.
  3. Zionists are vermin!
  4. Zionists are like rats, spreading disease wherever they go.
  5. Jews control America!
  6. Gas the Zionists!
  7. Zionists, go to Poland!
  8. The Zionists are behind the Communist revolution.
  9. Today, I will make a prophecy … of the annihilation of the Zionist race.  
  10. Today, we are praying for the annihilation of the Zionists.
  11. Zionists are pigs and apes.
  12. We will subject the poisoner of all nations — international Zionism — to merciless resistance!
  13. Boycott the Zionists! 
  14. You can keep a few useful Zionists.
  15. Educated Zionists and experts in the areas of medicine, engineering, technology and civilians and military industry should be retained for some time and should not be allowed to leave.
  16. Zionists wanted this war!
  17. *Makes Jewish students stand in the corner of a classroom*
  18. Zionists are leeches sucking blood!
  19. This criminal race has all the wars on the conscience.
  20. The Zionists are responsible for this war.
  21. They have deserved it all. 
  22. We are merely paying this people back what it deserves.
  23. International Zionist financiers are plunging the world into war! 
  24. From the River to the Sea!
  25. … the finances are controlled by the Zionist lobby.
  26. Who controls the federal reserve? Zionists!
  27. Paraphrase: it is kill or be killed. If we do not kill the Zionists, we will be killed.
  28. The Zionists enjoy the protection of our enemies.
  29. Zionists are more loyal to Israel than to their home country!
  30. Dirty Zionist!
  31. For a long time the enemies have been planning, skilfully and with precision, for the achievement of what they have attained.
  32. The news is under Zionist control.
  33. With their money, the took control of the world media, news agencies, the press, publishing houses, broadcasting stations, and others.
  34. We are the only force standing between Zionists and world domination.
  35. They stirred revolutions in various parts of the world with the purpose of achieving their interests and reaping the fruit therein.   
  36. Zionists off of our campus!
  37. They were behind the French Revolution, the communist revolution, and most of the revolutions we have heard and hear about, here and there.  
  38. There is no war going on anywhere, without their having a finger in it.  
  39. By any means necessary!
  40. Zionists caused the Communist revolution.
  41. White imposter Zionist!
  42. He works for the oppression in a two-fold sense: economic and political.
  43. There is only one solution to the Zionist question. Struggling to figure out who said what? I have your answers below. Fun fact: a number of them are all three! But sure. Jews are crying “crocodile tears” and “playing the victim.” Anti-Zionism and antisemitism aren’t the same thing.


1. Hitler, 2. Campus, 3. Campus & Hamas 4. Hitler (The Eternal Jew), 5. Campus, 6. All three!, Oh also Sydney 7.  All three! Kind of. Nazi policy, of course, involved sending all of the Jews to Poland to be murdered there. Hamas more describes murdering and expelling all of the “colonialist” Jews, however, an interesting part of history: the Mufti, the Palestinian leader in the 1930s and 1940s, actually advocated to the Hungarian Foreign Minister in 1943 that if he really desires to get rid of his Jews, not to let them emigrate to Palestine, but instead, to send them to Poland to be murdered by the Nazis., 8. Hitler (literally all of his speeches associated the two) and Hamas, 9. Hitler (1939 Speech before the Reichstag), 10. Hamas, 11. Hamas, 12. Hitler, 13. Hitler, (1935 boycott) and campus, plus throughout protests since October 7th 14. SS officer, Jedwabne, Poland 15. Hamas, 16. Goebbels, 17. Professor at Stanford, and Nazi policy to Jews, 18. You’d think Hamas, but is actually someone from campus 19. Hitler, 1919 letter 20. All three! Goebbels, campus and Hamas  21. Actual quote from Hitler’s 1939 speech, 22. All three! Actually Hitler in his 1939 speech before the Reichstag, but very similar comments about the Jews “deserving” what has happened to them have been made by all groups. 23. Hitler (1939 speech), 24. Campus, Hamas (this is obvious) 25. Hamas, 26. Campus, 27. Hitler (theme in 1939 speech, other Nazi antisemitic literature; particularly see Marr and von Deuhring) and Hamas (charter, declarations to continue October 7ths over and over again), 28. Goebbels 29. Campus, Hitler (broad theme that they’re not loyal to Germany), 30. All 31. Hamas, 32. Goebbels, 33. Hamas, 34. Hitler (1919 letter), 35. Hamas, 36. Hitler (Nazi policy towards Jews), Campus, 37. Hamas 38. Goebbels, 39. All! Hitler is more of a paraphrase; didn’t actually “say” it, more or less just tanked his own war effort in 1944 by invading Hungary and attempting to deport its massive Jewish population and diverted all sorts of men and materiel towards it and away from the Eastern Front 40. Hitler (literally anything he said, always), 41. Campus, Hitler (theme of Nazi propaganda, particularly in the Eternal Jew movie) 42. Hitler (1919), 43. All (Intifada Revolution is the “only solution”/ The “final solution” to the Jewish question)

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