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Who Shook the Jar?

Alluding to the situation in Gaza, a friend told me about a Facebook post with a picture of a glass jar filled with 100 black ants and 100 red ants.  According to the description, the ants will coexist unless you shake the jar. Once the jar is shaken, they will attack and dismember each other. He asked me “who is shaking the jar?” insinuating that it is the Israelis who are doing the shaking. He also alluded to a group conversation that shared “nuanced” views of the war.

My reply.

It is obvious who shook the jar.

First, the British violently shook the jar from 1918-1948 until they bailed out.  The 30 years of damage of playing Jews and Arabs against each other was enormous.

Overlapping this time, the Nazis, and a useless global community, shook the jar violently from 1933-1945. During this glorious time, the world could not care less about Jews being dehumanized before being killed by the millions in gas chambers and killing squads. This fixed firmly in the mind of the Jew that it would be delusional to trust any non-Jew and surely delusional to trust any “host” country.  This is not to say that there were not “righteous gentiles among the nations” as acknowledged at Yad Vashem, but these were the rare 1 in 10,000 exceptions.  I am not sure the numbers are any different today.

Then the Arab world shook the jar violently from 1947-1973. They rejected the UN Partition Plan, and united to attack Israel four times (1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973) with an express intention of killing all the Jews to finish off Hitler’s job.  The international community largely watched without much care for the Jewish plight (sound familiar?), much more concerned with the flow of oil than the lives of Jews.

The Arabs lost time and again, but the Arab World remained undaunted and fully united in their hatred of Jews and the State of Israel for the past 50 years notwithstanding the cold peace that was achieved with Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994). Cold because both Egypt and Jordan (along with the rest of the Arab world) so poisoned their populations against the Jews that the regimes would not survive a warm peace.  The Abraham Accords was a bold step forward but as we have seen since 10/7, the Arab world is enraged (yet again, and again and again) at the awful untenable thought of Jews fighting back against the barbarism and terror unleashed in an unimaginable scale.  Dara Horn famously said it all through the title of her book, People Love Dead Jews. An appropriate sequel would be People Despise Strong Jews with a subtitle And Weak Jews, Baby Jews, Elderly Jews, and any other Breathing Jew.

None of the above can be disputed by any credible source. Nor can be the Palestinian rejection of a litany of peace proposals brokered and recommended by the USA and the international community.  Nor, of the repulsive violence of terror that preceded and followed each rejection. All this shaking of the jar was solely in the control of the Palestinians and their supporters (Iran) and enablers (European’s, UN, US Universities, and liberal virtual signaling sophisticates which sadly includes some delusional self-hating and/or highly ignorant Jews).

October 7th has made the creation of a real Palestinian state nothing but a fantasy for the foreseeable future even for those with extraordinary long-distance lenses. Hamas has set the cause back decades which is nothing but great news for the Anti-Israel/Anti-Jewish world hypocritically camouflaging as “Pro-Palestinian” without a shred of real care for the Palestinian cause. They now have decades of work to keep them busy ranting against the Jews and Israel.

This “Pro-Palestinian” movement has been the most ineffective and counterproductive movement in history, and it gets worse every day.  They are in the proverbial ditch trying to get out by digging deeper and deeper.  Perhaps if the Pro-Palestinian feel-baders could muster a moment of humility, and G-d forbid, follow the advice of a Jew (Einstein), they would take to heart his observation that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

It is all so appalling to me and as it is to virtually everyone I know. This includes leading Palestinian negotiators and Arab leaders who understand the reality of what it takes to get to peace and what is really going on here.  Even if you hate Jews, at least do something productive for the Palestinian people.  Stop pretending that you are helping. You are not helping them. You are a disaster for them. Do them a favor and go back to your useless climate protests, or any of your other causes that you are sabotaging with your rage.

As for “nuanced” perspectives on the war, it is nonsense.  Nuanced has become liberal code for antisemitism that is concealed under a veneer of sophistication and concern.  No other group massacred the way the Jews were massacred on 10/7 would find any nuance in the massacre of innocents, the celebration of that massacre by the millions throughout the world, or the double standards that Israel and Jews, and only Israel and Jews, are held to.

We Jews (and our true allies) are fed up. We are mad as hell, and we won’t take it anymore.

Watch out. Nothing is more destructive to antisemites than strong united Jews and their friends.  Today, unlike the pre-Israel world, Jews have a strong country, a powerful army, key allies and resolute will. Our days of sheep to the slaughter ended in 1948.

But the good news for the Palestinians is this: our unity and force of strength will rid the Palestinians of the Hamas oppression and corruption.  It will open an opportunity to build a future of peace and prosperity. Will bold new leadership arise and grab this opportunity, or will they continue, as Abba Eban famously said “[to] never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”  My money is on Abba Eban. I hope I am proven wrong.

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Arnie is a lawyer in private practice with 32 years of experience. He is the immediate past President of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Long Island Regional office and serves on AJC's Board of Governors. Arnie has travelled widely with AJC advancing the interests of the Jewish people and for Israel's place in the world.
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