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Who Were The Hamas Zarqawis at Kfar Aza? Part II

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War Blog #19

Part II The Beheading Jewish Babies cont’d

Animals or Objects?
In Part I I sketched out a history of beheading in Islam of Jews – Banu Qurayza, KSM of 9/11 and Zarqawi, teaching their children to behead, its symbiotic psychosis in order to contextualize the brutal beheadings of Jewish babies at Kfar Aza. In Part II we descend further into Hamas’s psychosis of hell. What I write is also applicable to Hezbollah and all jihadis. We begin by looking at the superficial language, i.e. the use of the word “animal.” It impedes the deep dive by “ending” the discussion. Two examples of the use of the word “animal.”

First – In an interview on Israel’s Channel 11 TV, Mr. [Shlomi] Eldar [a well-known peace activist and journalist] said his West Bank friend added, “When Hamas terrorists entered your communities, they didn’t see your kids as human, they considered them animals” Cf.

Second, the word “animal” surfaced with regard to the near Dagestani airport lynch:

Sergey Melikov, the governor of the Russian Republic of Dagestan, labeled the people who stormed Makhachkala Airport on Sunday night as “animal-like cowards.”

. . .

“You are pathetic animal-like cowards – not even beasts, but cattle, because you have no courage,” Melikov said, the Russian state-run news organization, RT, reported on Tuesday. “You’re brave only in a mob. You hide behind women. You hide your faces. What kind of men are you?”

“Animal” is being bandied about because there is a loss of words to deal with this abhorrent behavior and its attendant buried maternal terrors. By shifting from “animal” to “object” we demystify the psychotic behavior. There is no life in what Hamas sees. Just objects, a projection of their hollowness because they are objects and were treated as such, used and abused by their hyper-shame honor culture.

The Fantasy Made Concrete
In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen says, “Off with her head,” Hamas carries through, acting out that fantasy in reality.
Hamas acts out the beheading manically to purge themselves of the rage which exceeds murder itself. We are immersed in their psychotic behavior daily but ignore it because unconsciously we do not want to be pulled into the psychotic maelstrom, thereby losing our humanity and sanity.

Pathological Lies – The Hallmark of Psychosis
Hamas lives in a completely imaginary world of deceit and lies concerning the Jews and Israel. We have heard this from many Palestinian terrorist leaders — Yasser Arafat, Abu Mazen – their Holocaust denial and the erasure of memory. The Hamas narrative is so distorted that terror is manically used in order to defend it. Because Hamas did not grow up in an environment of healthy play nor achieved the level of integrating feelings to words, they use language superficially, remaining regressed in fantasy. Hamas turns the fantasy into reality by acting it out.

Decapitation – Its Production of Body Parts
It is known in serial killing that the production of body parts is a psychotic representation of the mother’s body before the infant has an integrated sense of the mother being separate from his or herself. Babies experience the mother as part-object – the milk of the breasts, the smell of her skin, the communication by eye as it develops, etc.

The discussion of body parts occurs routinely in an obsessive manner in journalistic reports of suicide bombings and mass shootings. It is theorized that Hamas does so in order to create a tableau of the mother’s body. This is the unconscious message like the serial killer to taunt us by communicate Hamas’s primitive rage.

Hamas shows that they never reached an integrated level of the wholeness of the mother’s body separate from theirs. Hence, they remain a fused nonworking destructive group. I have too fallen into the trap of describing their group behavior as having a “herd” mentality which references “animal behavior.” Yet this is a misnomer. It is nothing more than psychotic group think and behavior.

This is a primitive mental state (PMS) that refers to a time when the baby has an unintegrated mental image and experience of the mother. (cf. Hamas has PMS War Blog #8) He knows the mother only in terms of her body, voice, touch, and vision, not yet fully comprehending that she is autonomous from him. In suicide bombing, often the suicide bomber’s head is decapitated by the blast. They are obsessed with decapitation.

Part objects are concretized and reproduced by Hamas as body parts, such as occurs in beheadings and chopping off limbs. The “eye for an eye” lex talionis is concretely acted out and displayed. This is a thought without a thinker, to paraphrase Bion, the eminent psychoanalyst on group behavior as well as a decorated British WWII tank commander. In other words, the law of retaliation from the Biblical verse Exodus 21:24 is taken literally and then acted out in real time. The thinker doesn’t really think. There is a cognitive deficit.

It is a universal human need to hold an unconscious intact mental picture of the mother’s body. It is the sacredness of human life from whom we are all born.

The Paradigm Shift to the Beheading of Jewish Babies
To the best of my knowledge I do not know of any contemporary prior beheadings of Jewish babies by jihadis. Yet as I cited in another blog post, ISIS photographed an ISIS baby with a hand grenade by its side in a crib which signifies that their “babies” will come to behead ours.

The beheading of Jewish babies in Kfar Aza is the end result of the world not being able to set limits and destroy Hamas nor confront their psychosis. I have known and worked informally with some of the top Israeli counter terrorist experts. I realized that they struggled to acknowledge the profundity of the problem which spoke to their own terrors and denial.

To Conclude
The Arabs lack the ability to confront their shameful participation in Hamas’s psychosis. It should be self-evident by now that beheading Jewish babies is psychotic behavior and Jewish babies are not animals rather “objects” for Hamas. To behead Jewish babies reveals the woeful state of the Muslim world. Not one Arab embassy here in Israel had the cojones to attend the briefing by the IDF of Hamas’ atrocities. They are so filled with shame that they cannot show face nor confront this psychosis.

Despite this, I end Part II heeding the advice of Robert Satloff and Dennis Roth about what we must do in order to win on the “other” Gaza battlefield in public opinion. Cf.

There is NO Israeli plan nor desire to occupy Gaza. Hamas is the enemy NOT the Palestinian people. Israel is making every effort to save innocent Palestinian lives as best as we can because we do not view Palestinians as objects. They are our neighbors. They are people with needs. However, this does not mean that we all should not attempt to understand the pervasive depth of Hamas’s psychosis and its Arab leaders participation in it.

May we all see better times.

May the memory of the Jewish babies and children and all others murdered on October 7, 2023 be a blessing


About the Author
Dr. Kobrin made aliyah in 2010 and is an internationally renowned counterterrorism expert and psychoanalyst holding a PhD in Islamic literature, aljamía 16th c. Author of five books. She has conducted prison interviews, a former military contractor with an academic appointment as external expert at La Universidad de Granada. She is a senior research analyst for The Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism Center. She also works in citizen diplomacy. In August 2020 she was the first Israeli to be live-streamed from Islamabad.