Who’s mount is it anyway

I have become very confused recently over who really has control of the Temple Mount . Judaisms’ holiest sight. The sounds of the shofar and statement that “har Habayit BeYadaynu, ( “The Temple Mount is in our hands “) brought about a culmination of the birth of the Modern Jewish State. It seems that the Jordanians are the ones in control of Har Habayit. Israel may claim that they are in control of this holy place , but actions speak louder than words.

After months of lies and vicious incitement by the the Arabs that Israel is changing the status quo on the temple mount, Jews are being stabbed across Israel. People are being stabbed because they are Jewish and they want to change the status quo, so they preach. Israel the US and Jordan all came up with a brilliant idea. Imagine, security cameras on the most volatile tiny piece of land in the world. The only question is “what took you so long”?

Alas we are told that the Palestinians don’t feel that this is a good idea. Of course not . Do they want to be filmed stocking ammunition in such a holy place as Al Aksa? Watch the paid abuse taunting and harassing Jewish people visiting their holiest sight? Not allowing Jews to move about freely. Not a pleasant video.

Jordan of course will discuss all the terms in order to recieve approval from the Palestinians. John Kerry will have to fly in and negotiate the great camera deal. Israel of course will be asked to make some kind of concession as good will gesture to appease the terrorists once again. But Israel controls the Temple Mount.

So much for “har Habayit Beyatanu”

About the Author
Jon is a graduate of Brooklyn College and a buisness owner Boca Raton, Florida. He made Aliyah with family Aug 2009 and has owned and operated a buisness in Israel. Jon is married with 4 children and lives in Ra'anana.