Why a 15 year old girl wakes up and decides to stab a Jew.

If by now you’ve not watched the video of two knife-wielding teenage Palestinian girls attacking bystanders on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, only to be promptly shot and left lying contorted and blood soaked on the pavement, then I’d recommend saving yourself the nausea.

It was imperative these terrorists were killed, after all, as these last few weeks have tragically reminded us, a knife in the hands of a a teenage terrorist is terrifyingly deadly. And yet, the circulation of gruesome videos such as that, often distracts us from remembering who the real perpetrators of this terror are.

On a day in which another 18 year old Israeli was stolen from us by terror, and a horrendous week in which we’ve lost a 19 year old girl and another 18 year old American boy to Palestinian hate and senseless violence, the last thing we want to do is see these knife yielding girls as victims. They are after all the perpetrators. They left their home that morning with the intention of stealing more precious lives from us. They left to murder me and you, our friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, girlfriends and boyfriends. And for no reason.

But those terrorists were 15 and 16 year old girls. Teenage girls do not wake up one morning and decide to stab someone. There is a reason that these girls were obsessing over killing Jews, instead of fawning over Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

It is a culture of violence and hate, promoted and supported not only by Hamas, but equally by Abu Mazen and Fatah. These teenage girls were excited to stab Jews because their leadership have spent years telling them that this is what heroes do. Because people that stab Jews get streets named after them. Because to their leadership, the loss of life of Jews was more important than the protection of their young girls.

From what I can see, these girls were in school uniform. How utterly tragic. Two girls who had the potential to learn and achieve, were sent to give their lives to fit someone else’s Islamist agenda and bring ‘honour’ to their family. Those girls lay this morning dying at the side of a Jerusalem street, because they were told that this fate was worth it, if only to kill or maim one Jew.

Make no mistake. The real victims are the teenage Israelis that did not wake up with dreams of blood and murder, but to simply go about their lives. The victims are the Israeli civilians that had to shoot and kill young knife-wielding girls in order to protect the civilians around them, a fate one wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.

But while hating these girls, remember that it’s their leadership that put them up to this, and the international community that’s failed for decades to hold that leadership to account for sending their children to kill ours. Hate these young terrorists, yes; but not at the price of forgetting that our ‘partner for peace’ is pulling the strings.

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Oliver is a director of KKL-JNF, and works as an international media and communications consultant for political and business figures. He has served as Chairman of the World Union of Jewish Students and is co-founder of Urban Recruits, Israel's biggest recruiter of foreign language speakers.
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