Why Abbas shouldn’t step down

Abbas’ replacement will be just as antisemitic but will probably do a better job of keeping his mouth shut.

The Background

At an event in Ramallah, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas opined that the Holocaust was the result of Jewish behavior in the financial sector. Following that speech, In an article entitled “Let Abbas’ vile words be his last as Palestinian leader”, the New York Times called the statement “a new low” for Abbas. The paper went on to elaborate how “it is time for [Abbas] to leave office.”

“Mr. Abbas’ anti-Semitic tendencies are not new,” the article stated, noting how Abbas’ dissertation trivialized the death of six million Jews during the Holocaust.

“Things looked more hopeful in 1993 when Mr. Abbas stood on the White House lawn and watched Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel and Mr. Arafat sign the Oslo Accords that were supposed to eventually lead to two states and peace,” the article claimed, continuing that “In the intervening years, there have been ups and downs in that quest, but the trend for some time has been depressingly downward.” (I’d be curious to hear what they mean by ‘ups’).

More than anything, this article demonstrates how ignorant the NYT, and the left as a whole really are when it comes to the Israeli/Arab conflict.

How can such intelligent people be so naive?

Did they really believe that a Holocaust denier who bankrolled the 1972 Munich massacre and pays monthly salaries to anyone in Israel who kills Jews, and never even apologized for it, was a viable partner for peace? Furthermore, did they really believe that this speech, where he basically repeated everything he said back in his 1982 dissertation, was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Bear in mind- Abbas was elected to lead the PA in 2005. Since then, there has been no other elections in the Palestinian authority. Yet suddenly, this largely incoherent speech compelled the entire Israel-affiliated left from The New York Times to former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro to call for Abbas’ resignation?

It would appear as though they are complete idiots. But the truth is that they aren’t idiots or ignorant at all. They are highly intelligent and this is all part of a much bigger and more calculated plan. They know that Abbas is the same antisemite he was when he was on the brink of signing an agreement with former Israeli PM Ehud olmert. So why the sudden change of heart?

The two-state thing is dead and Abbas killed it

Unfortunately, the reason they’re calling for his ouster is far more sinister. It is also why so many on the left are calling for Abbas’ resignation. Abbas is systematically killing their dream of dividing Israel and creating another Muslim state in its heart, the Judea and Samaria region.

He has done this by singlehandedly alienating the entire Trump administration. From telling the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley to ‘shut up’ to calling Israel ambassador and long time Trump confidant, David Friedman, a ‘son of a bitch’, Abbas has made the prospects of any US brokered accord extremely bleak. Additionally, the Taylor force act, a proposed Congressional bill to stop American aid to the Palestinian Authority has gained a lot of negative press coverage. The act has shone a spotlight on a largely uninformed American public who now realizes that it is none other than Abbas who is using US tax dollars to pay the family of the same terrorist who murdered their serviceman. Abbas’ bad press has hurt his legitimacy among the larger American and Israeli public and seems more indignant than ever to change course. Any remaining momentum of a future accord between Israel and the Arabs in Judea and Samaria has died a slow, painful death. Abbas’ deteriorating health doesn’t help either. This leads us to the next question- what’s a two-state obsessed liberal to do?…Why- switch him out of course!

The left’s end game for Israel

The latest strategy on the left is revive the Oslo accords with a fresh, new PA leader. Of course this time, to avoid the disaster of Abbas, they will likely groom their new terrorist in sheep’s clothing to avoid talking too much about how the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves or any other anti semitic conspiracies that are wired into his DNA. The liberal Jewish establishment will launch a massive PR campaign to convince Israelis and peace-lovers worldwide that their new palestinian Nazi-sympathizing puppet is the next Middle Eastern mossiah who is our only hope of finally forging a peace with Israel.

The bottom line is that Abbas’ replacement will be just as antisemitic but will probably do a better job of keeping his mouth shut. Better the devil you know.

About the Author
David Sidman is a candidate in the Zehut political party, Israel activist and contributor to He is also a professional dog trainer. You can follow him at @theIsraeliShow