David Meir
David Meir

Why anti-Zionism is a product of antisemitism.

Fag of the Jewish State of Yisrael in its capital: Jerusalem

“I just oppose the policies of Israel, I have nothing against the Jews.”

How many times has someone explained that the only cause they are completely invested in, that they spend all their time crusading for and put all their energy in, is not the dozens of countries who routinely trample upon every freedom possible, but the one country which happens to be filled with Jews. And, so they emphasize at every turn, it is purely by coincidence that the state is a Jewish one. ALLAH FORBIDS, it is in any way influenced by the vile antisemitism they publicly reject.

It is also to note that this is the only conflict in the world where people of a certain religion/ethnicity are systematically targeted because of it.

Imagine targeting a random Chinese man in London or New York because of Tibet or a random Turkish man because of Cyprus. The world would be up in arms denouncing this unacceptable racism and all the big techs would promote awareness programs.

So why does this conflict and the Jews get a special treatment?

Most people would outright deny that traditional Jew hatred is the core root of it, but the evidence is pretty much overwhelming.

There is a lot of misinformation on this conflict, and I do mean A LOT. A little crash history course is necessary.

2000 years ago, Judea, Samaria and Galilee were under the occupation of the Roman empire.

In 66 AC started a bloody conflict that ended in 73 with the mass suicide at Massada. During this time, the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple of Jerusalem and exiled a significant portion of the remaining population. The conflict claimed almost a million lives, a huge number at the time.

The conflict, it is important to precise, was between the Romans and the Jews, because at that time there was no such thing as muslims or ‘palestinians’.

About 70 years later, in 132 AC, the Jews were at it again and started a new revolt against the Roman occupation.

This one, led by a charismatic leader named Bar Kokhba, was also defeated and tens of thousands of Jews died.

Again, Jews and not Arabs, muslims or ‘palestinians’.

The Roman emperor of the time, Hadrian, just didn’t know what to do with those stubborn Jews. Did they intend to revolt forever to reclaim THEIR land?

He came to the conclusion that with Hebrew names like Jerusalem (Yeroushalayim) or Zion (Tzion), those pesky Jews who mentioned their land and their capital Jerusalem dozens of times everyday in their prayers would always be drawn back to this place as well as passing this religious fervor for the land to future generations through religion.

So Hadrian understood that the names had to change for the religious link between those damn Jews and their land to be severed. He renamed Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina and Judea, Syria-Palestina.

The name Palestina was not chosen at random. The Philistines, settlers from the greek island of Crete (Greeks were basically white people), occupied the south western part of Yisrael having 5 city-states (Rafiah, Gaza, Gath, Ashdod and Ashkelon), and they were bitter enemies of the Jews for hundreds of years until they were completely exterminated during the reign of the Jewish King: David.

Calling the land Palestina (Palestine in English) was a means to deny the intimate and religious connection between the Jews and their land. It was antisemitism then and it still is today.

For more than 1800 years, there were dozens of attempts by Jews to reclaim Jewish independence in Palestine, the most well known case being Shabtai Tzvi in the 17th century.

He proved to be a false hope and was forced by the Ottoman authorities to convert to Islam.

During the time that Judea and Samaria (renamed Palestine) were under non Jewish control, the Jews never stopped for a moment to try to reclaim their lost sovereignty.

During all this time, NEVER, was there a palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital.

Palestine, the region, was always under foreign control, be it the Sassanid Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the various muslim caliphates or the Ottoman Empire.

Never, during the hundreds of years that Palestine was under muslim rule did the muslims express the desire to create a palestinian state with Jerusalem as a capital. As a matter of fact, the claim that Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam is a recent one.

In the 19th century, with the emancipation of Jews out of the ghettos of central and western Europe, thanks to the French revolution and Napoleon, wealthy Jews used their money and influence to buy lands in Palestine from the Ottoman authorities.

One of the earliest examples of this new wave was Sir Moses Montefiore, a British Jew who helped develop the first Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem that was outside the walls of the old city: Mishkenot Sha’ananim in 1859.

Several Jewish neighborhoods were built in the 1870’s, the most notable being the orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, founded in 1874.

With these Jewish places being built, more and more Jews came to Palestine, the first big wave being in 1881-1882 after a series of violent pogroms in Russia and the Ukraine.

They bought lands all over Palestine from the Ottoman authorities (as there was no such thing as a palestinian state) and founded several Jewish cities in the late 19th century and early 20th (before the British mandate over Palestine).

Towns such as: Tel Aviv (1909), Rishon LeTzion (1882), Rehovot (1890), Hadera (1891), Petah Tikva (1878), Kfar Saba (1903), Ness Tziona (1883), Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of the old city of Yaffo and the basis of what would later become Tel Aviv, was founded in 1887.

This list is non-exhaustive and many kibbutzim and moshavim were also created during this period.

Due to the growing wave of antisemitism in western Europe and especially following the Dreyfus affair, an Austrian-Jewish journalist put the Zionist movement on the international forefront and his goal was to renew Jewish independence in the land that Jews see as theirs religiously and politically.

I must stop a minute from my historical recap here to make a clear description of what Zionism is. It is a term much maligned and widely misunderstood.

First, a quote by the journalist in question.

“We returned home, as it were. For Zionism is a return to Judaism, even before it is a return to the Jewish land.” (From the transcript of the opening statement of Theodore Herzl at the 1897 Basel Zionist conference)

Herzl described it best. Zionism from the name Zion (Tzion in Hebrew), is a return to our roots and our Torah.

Basically, a Zionist is a Jew who supports the existence of the state of Yisrael. Who agrees with the existence of a political Jewish entity in the land the Torah claims was given to the Children of Yisrael and their descendants by God. Someone might not describe or identify himself or herself as a ‘Zionist’ (especially with the decades of demonization of the word), but if they visit, support and cheer for the Jewish State of Yisrael, they ARE Zionists.

Another gross misconception, is that a Zionist is opposed to the creation of a ‘palestinian state’. Actually, it’s the way it should be as ‘palestine’, like I explained earlier, is an antisemitic attempt to deny the deep and sacred link between Jews and their land. However, many leftist Zionists, who wholeheartedly support the existence of a Jewish state, nevertheless do seek the creation of a palestinian state because in their view: “We cannot continue to govern forever another people and we just can’t assimilate them because that would destroy the demographic superiority of Jews and then, bye bye Jewish state.” This is why many Jews who describe themselves as Zionists want the creation of a ‘palestinian’ state as a way to save the continuous existence of a Jewish majority state within the pre-67 lines.

So, with this cleared up, let’s continue our stroll through history.

In 1917, the Balfour declaration promised the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In 1921, the Brits would take the eastern part of Palestine and create the Kingdom of Jordan, an entirely made up country.

After the British took the control of palestine from the Turks in 1917, some muslim figures started to agitate the existing Arab population against the Jews living in the land. This lead to many acts of violence against Jews like the 1920 Jerusalem riots, the 1929 Hebron massacre and the 1936-1939 wave of muslim violence that made hundreds of Jewish victims.

At that time, Palestine was a geographic region, NOT a country or an independent entity, both the Jews living there and the muslims were called ‘Palestinians’.

In Nazi Germany people would scream at Jews: “Go back to Palestine.” The football team of Palestine was entirely made of Jews and the coins used in the region with the writing: ‘Palestine’ on them, had also the Hebrew letters ‘Alef’ and ‘Youd’ for Eretz Yisrael (the land of Yisrael in Hebrew). The flag representing the region of palestine in 1939 had a Star of David on it.

The British went back on their promise to make the part west of the Jordan a Jewish state and even started to restrict Jewish immigration to Palestine even though the situation of the Jews in continental Europe was deteriorating very rapidly.

No doubt they were under a lot of pressure from Arab agitators like Amin el Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem who went to Germany to meet Hitler and Himmler and begged them to stop allowing Jews to leave for Palestine but instead kill them all; or like the Syrian born, Izz a din al qassam, a major agitator in the 1920’s and early 30’s who was eventually tracked down and killed by the British army. The military wing of the islamic terrorist group Hamas is named after him.

It is important to stress, none of these people fought for the creation of a ‘palestinian’ country with Jerusalem as capital, and they certainly not argued for the existence of a ‘palestinian state’ living alongside the state of Yisrael. As a matter of fact, El Husseini was a fan of the ‘Greater Syria’ (including Lebanon and Palestine) and that’s what he wished to see happen.

In 1947, the UN voted for a resolution to have the western part of Palestine divided between a Jewish state and an Arab state with Jerusalem as an internationally controlled city. Immediately after the vote, armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq attacked the Jews in Palestine hoping to wipe them out.

At the time of the UN vote, there were about 600 000 Jews in Palestine and about 1.2 million Arabs. By Palestine I mean the whole pre-1948 territory, including Gaza, Judea-Samaria, Jerusalem, Galilee, Negev and the Tel Aviv region.
Jews were about 1/3 of the population of Palestine so it is grotesque to think that in 1948 Yisrael ‘invaded’ palestine. Only someone deeply ignorant of the actual history can be that misguided.

As a result of the 1947-49 war, the territory under Jewish control included the western part of Jerusalem, Galilee and the Negev, while the eastern part of Jerusalem as well as Judea and Samaria were under Jordanian control and the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian one.

Up until 1967, never once did the Arabs in Judea and Samaria tried to declare an independent palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital. During that time they were referred as Jordanian residents and Jordan did not try to move its capital from Amman to Jerusalem.

The Jews were forbidden access to the old city and could not visit the western wall. Synagogues were destroyed and the gravestones of the Jewish cemetery on the mount of Olives were used to pave roads. In 1964, a Turkish Lebanese, Ahmad Shukeiri, founded the Palestine liberation organization (PLO) and in 1969, the Cairo born, Yasser Arafat, took the helm of the organization until his death in 2004. At that time, the goal of the PLO in ‘liberating palestine’ was to eradicate what they saw as a stain in the muslim Middle East: a Jewish state.

Contrary to misinformation and propaganda, Yisrael did not attack Jordan first in 1967. It did Egypt and Syria (after years of military provocations) but Jordan attacked first after Hussein was urged by Nasser to do so. This means Yisrael was within its international right to invade and hold Judea and Samaria. Jordan occupying Jerusalem in 1948 however was against the 1947 UN resolution, which concluded that Jerusalem would be international, yet, no one ever complained about that.

Since 1967, an alternative history was created and it holds up still today. This completely made up history claims that in 1948, Yisrael ‘invaded’ palestine and till today is occupying, controlling, committing apartheid and genocide against the helpless ‘local’ population to further a ‘white’ colonialist agenda and ensure a western presence in the Middle East so they could plunder and steal the poor muslims’ natural ressources.

There is zero connection between this and reality.

First, Yisrael did not invade another country, and certainly not an existing one. As explained earlier, the Brits promised the Jewish community that western palestine would be a Jewish state (in 1917 they at first promised the whole region of palestine but created Jordan as a political gift to an ally who was ousted of the throne in Syria by the French), but due to unwillingness from pro-arabs in the foreign ministry and Arab pressure they changed their mind and the promised Jewish state was to be only part of western palestine, as voted by the UN in 1947. The Arabs refused the compromise and attacked the Jews in Palestine. Palestine is not, thus, another country that Yisrael invaded, but just the parts that stayed under Arab control. That is a vital point to understand. Palestine and Yisrael are the exact same place. One side calls it one way while the other calls it different but we are talking about the exact same piece of land.

Second, after 1967, Judea-Samaria, called by the international press Jordan, suddenly became palestine and the citizens who were Jordanian all the sudden became ‘palestinians’. Between 1948 and 1967, no one tried to turn Judea and Samaria into a ‘palestinian’ state with eastern Jerusalem as capital because that would have been to de facto legitimize the existence of the Jewish state and this is what the muslim world opposes. The whole ‘palestinian’ issue is just a fog screen to hide the real goal which is to deny the existence of a Jewish state in the land the muslims see as theirs.

Prior to 1967, when the Arabs talked about ‘liberating’ palestine, they obviously didn’t talk about the parts under Jordanian jurisdiction, no, they meant Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Ashdod and western Jerusalem. To ‘liberate’ palestine was a codename for the extermination of the State of Yisrael and its Jewish population therein.

It still is today. When groups of university students chant “From the river to the sea, palestine will be free.” What do they mean? Free from what? What palestine are they talking about?

In this genocidal mantra, from the river to the sea clearly indicates that the ‘palestine’ supposed to be liberated is the pre-1948 territory, meaning that there should be no Jewish state in Palestine.

When people talk about ‘freeing’ palestine from the zionists, they try to present it as if the zionists were some alien race that came from another planet. This way, to dehumanize them, makes it easier to accept their genocide or call to it. The ‘zionists’ as the people calling for the ‘liberation’ of palestine say, are men, women, children, all Jews, living here in this land, millions of them and to say that ‘palestine’ should be ‘liberated’ from them is de facto to call for the murder of millions of Jews.

As for the claim we Jews are making genocide of the Arabs here, as the Vice President of the US Kamala Harris seems to think, I’d like to remind the number of Arabs here in 1948: 1200000 while the Arab population today (including Gaza, Arabs with Israeli citizenship and those in Judea and Samaria) is around 7 million people, an increase of more than 550%, SOME GENOCIDE.

Same thing with the so-called ‘apartheid’. Arabs with Yisrael citizenship have equal rights with the Jews here. They vote, pay taxes, get social benefits, some of them, like the Druze and Bedouins, are in the IDF and in the police, they have representation in the parliament, the Supreme Court and work in pharmacies, hospitals and the tourism industry, they study in law and medicine schools and in Yisraeli universities along with Jews. So, in light of such an overwhelming factual refutation of the ‘apartheid’ claim, why is it that, like the so-called ‘palestinian genocide’, it just gains ground in various circles (like the extreme right or the supposedly ‘progressive’ left)?

This touches to the third point of this alternative history, and here, we really arrive at the heart of the core reason for global antisemitism as it has been for the last 2000 years both among christians and muslims.

Jealousy, is the basis of the antisemitic hate that has plagued us for the last 2000 years (and won’t go anytime soon). Jealousy that God chose Yitzhak over Yishmael and Yaakov over Essav and above all, jealousy that we are the chosen people and we have got the Torah.

Oh, don’t take my word for it, just look at the very foundation of Christianity and Islam. The ‘new’ testament? Christians, the ‘new’ Yisrael? Muhammad the ‘last’ prophet with the Quran full of the stories of the children of Yisrael?

Both christians and muslims say they have replaced us since God has abandoned our people. Our continuous existence, as a free and proud people is a painful reminder that it may not be so. The only way they can accept us without the very foundation of their theology being shattered daily by our very appearance is if we are humiliated and in constant suffering. Then it makes sense. The Jews are paying for rejecting Jesus or telling Muhammad to fuck off.

If the Jews organise, have a country of their own and not just a country, a JEWISH country, that is strong and successful and defeats everyone around them, it is like a theological slap in the face the the billions of people who believe we should not be able to achieve this since God ‘punished’ us for ever and ever.

Suddenly, all the hate makes sense.
The obsession with Yisrael in every international forum. The absurd amount of UN resolutions against the Jewish State in comparison with states like Cuba or China. The disproportionate coverage of the so-called ‘palestinian’ plight the moment the Jewish state in involved when it’s almost non existant in situations where the very same population faces the Egyptian or Syrian army.

The hate of the Jews is the very basis of Christianity and Islam. Some branches of Christianity formally moved out of it, but in Islam, what is said about Jews could rival Der Sturmer.  There is a hadith (found both in sahih bukhari and sahih muslim, the most important sources of islamic teaching behind the quran), calling for the explicit genocide of Jews saying that Jews would hide from the swords of the muslims behind rocks and trees and the rocks and the trees would call the muslims saying: Oh muslim, oh slave of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Notice it says Jew, not Yisraeli or Zionist but JEW.

The BDS movement, the one seeking to boycott every aspect of the state of Yisrael and urging every country on earth to do so, is single-mindedly centered on the Jewish state. If, like they claim, they were to fight for oppressed people and human rights, why don’t they call for the boycott of the Chinese, or Turkish, or Moroccan economy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they couldn’t care less. Other countries don’t interest them, the creators of BDS (some of them who have made questionable comments about Jews and the Holocaust) care only about the ‘palestinians’ (given they’re not suffering in Lebanon or Syria of course), when the evil ZIONISTS (cough cough, Jews) are confronting them.

As I was saying, the very existence of a successful state that defines itself as Jewish is a painful reminder that no, not only has God not rejected the Jews but he still has their back and that puts a big, big question mark over the fundamental belief of the faiths that build themselves over what they thought was the corpse of the Children of Yisrael.

Let me give you an image to clearly convey what I mean.

Imagine you have a cousin passing away and you’re next in line for some huge inheritance (talking about billions, throw some strip clubs with it). THEN, all the sudden, during the funeral, the cousin comes back to life. Wouldn’t you be bummed out every time you see him. Wouldn’t you want him to die, AGAIN, but for good this time?

This irrational hatred pushes the Jew haters to see the Jewish people, 15 million individuals out of the almost 8 billion souls on planet earth (about 0.2% of the world population), as controlling all the banks and the world economy, being behind every conspiracy and world event (ww1, ww2, the communist revolution, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the current refugee crisis in Europe, 9/11, you name it).

Since the continued survival and success of the Jews (supposedly rejected by God) is a sore sight that questions the faith of those that came after them, Jew haters make ingenious use of mental gymnastics to reluctantly accept the continuous existence of Jews.

The modern Jews are impostors and not truly the Children of Yisrael. The Torah as we have today has been corrupted so the fake Jews could claim to be the Children of Yisrael. The Children of Yisrael were black people. Ashkenaze Jews are not ‘real’ Jews but Khazarian converts. Alongside, of course, Jews killed Jesus, Jews murder non Jewish children to use their blood, Jews spread diseases, Jews promote war, racial mixing, prostitution etc… etc… etc… blah blah blah.

In light of all that I have said before this paragraph, no one will be the least surprised that the exact same accusations are made against “The Zionists” and the State of Yisrael. Not similar, the exact same, because, ya know, it’s all about opposing Yisrael’s policies, it has NOTHING to do with hating the Jews.

Sure buddy, sure.


9/11 is a good example of how the line between Zionists and Jews is purely virtual.

Everyone heard the story of the ‘5 dancing Israelis’ supposed to prove THAT IT WAS ISRAEL ALL ALONG.
Never mind the fact that a plan so carefully crafted has the alleged perpetrators standing on the scene of the crime and dancing like in a rave party, allowing to be seen by witnesses instead of getting the FUCK OUT as fast as possible since they killed thousands of citizens of the most powerful country in the world.

If it sounds like a bad script that a retarded child would write, it’s because it is. Yet, anti-Zionists will aggressively explain to you why this insanity makes perfect sense.

Why would the Israelis kill thousands of citizens of the only country that always supported them politically and financially (yeah, it really makes no sense)? “BECAUSE”, explains the devoted BDS supporter, “the Zionists want to exploit the war machine so they can continue to occupy the poor palestinians and have the US fight their wars.” Never mind the fact that the 47-49 war, the Suez canal operation, the 67 Six Days War, the Yom Kippur War, the 78 first Lebanese invasion, the 1982 Lebanese war, and the 2006 Lebanese war were all fought by Yisraeli soldiers with no involvement in the combat field of any US marine or infantry. None whatsoever. But you can’t argue with the hateful.

Now, the same people who claim the Zionists were behind 9/11 also claim THE JOOOOOOOZ were behind 9/11 and guess why?
Well fuck me, for the exact same reasons. To exploit the war machines so they can profit from it and have America fight their wars. Yes, because for Zionists haters, using the term ‘Zionists’ is just out of convenience to not be called antisemites, they know deep inside that the distinction is purely academic.
Of course, the fact that 400 Jews died in 9/11 (about 20% of all the victims) when the percentage of Jews in the US is less than 2% doesn’t phase them one bit.

As a final thought, a word on the whole colonialism argument.

The claim isn’t anything new, it started almost immediately after the creation of the State of Yisrael, pushed by Soviet propaganda.

The Soviet Union tried very hard to push this idea that the capitalist west was out to colonize the third world so they could exploit them. A bit hypocritical if you ask me given that Russia invaded all its neighbours to create the Soviet Union. Leftist teachers in colleges and universities helped push this narrative and today it is pretty much mainstream on any campus you go.

It goes without saying that given the 2000 years long antisemitism both in the east and the west, and the reflex to blame the Jews for everything wrong, it was only a matter of time before the leftist intelligenza would accuse Yisrael of being a colonial endeavor.

Add to this the worrying trend of wokeness and the ever growing influence of identity politics and you have many on the left, Labor in Britain, Democrats in the US (just to name those two) going hand in hand with the muslims (oh, the irony) to castigate Yisrael of being a ‘white supremacy’ entity, hellbent on exploiting the people of color (arabs) by invading a land that was never theirs (since as I’ve said, antisemites try very hard to deny Jews are the true Children of Yisrael).

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the growing extreme left in the US (spearheaded by AOC and her muslim girlfriends Omar and Tlaib) tried to block the funding of the Iron Dome, a strictly defensive system designed to save Jewish lives of being blown apart by hamas rockets from gaza.

Haters, we are not invaders. We are the children of Yisrael and we came back to our land. Before the 7th century there was no arab settlement here and that is a historical fact. Three thousand years ago there was a Jewish Kingdom here and that also is a historical fact.
We are not a fake people and the Torah is not a forged document, it is the living word of our creator and Tzion is the beating heart of our identity. To deny the bond between Jews and Jerusalem is an act of antisemitism as it is to deny the very thing that makes us Jewish.
Our law binds us to this land. We have the obligation to live in it and many commandements can only be observed here and nowhere else on planet earth.

Anti-Zionism is to negate the bond, at every level, spiritual, religious, social and political we Jews have with this land for almost 4000 years. Yisrael is what makes us what we are, it is the name of our land and the name of our people. Yisrael is what defines us Jews. Negate that and you are in fact trying to erase my being a Jew, an Israelite and a Hebrew.
In our prayers, every single day, we pray for Jerusalem, try to take it away from us and you might as well stab our nation in the heart.

If that is not Jew hatred, I don’t know what is.


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I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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