Why Can’t Congress Change It’s Laws To Deal With Infiltrators Like The Airline Industry Did After 9/11


Before 9/11, airline passengers felt relatively safe with security arrangements to protect against such terrorist actions like hijackings, but by the end of that fateful day, that had all changed forever. Security measures on all airlines were put into high gear, which has resulted in a significant decline in terrorist related attacks on airlines nearly 18 years later.

In other words, the world’s airline industry adjusted to the times of increased danger from terrorist attacks such as 9/11. I wish I could say the same about the US Congress and its security arrangements. I am not talking about the security guards who faithfully guard the governmental buildings regularly, but rather the method in which a member of Congress is not only chosen, but also the process in which a member of Congress is allowed to stay in his or her seat should it be proven that this member is suspected of working against the interests of the US and the voters who live within the district he or she represents.

Of course, that is of urgent importance at this time. Congresswoman Omar, who has claimed all along, to represent Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, revealed who she really represents with the revelation of the trip Itinerary when she along with Congresswoman Tlaib were about to leave for Israel and other places. The Interary shows her trip was planned for Palestine, which no longer exists on the map, and in addition this trip was being sponsored by Miftah.

Now let’s stop right there. Omar and Tlaib should have gone on the same trip with the other delegation that was in Israel a week before, but instead wanted to go on their own. A group picture of the other delegation was taken at the King David Hotel which is right in the heart of Jerusalem. That would have given both of them easy access to all Israeli government officials if they were serious about gaining a better understanding of Israeli politics. And they would have been able to walk through the streets of Jerusalem and go to the Old City where they could have seen how Israelis and Arabs live together and conduct their everyday lives.

But instead they chose to go on a trip sponsored by an organization known for its support of terror against Israel and Israelis. Miftah was founded by Hanan Ashwari, who is a long-time fighter for the Palestinians and one of Arafat’s main spokeswomen.  She would many times be seen on International TV after an attack by Hamas or other terror groups on Israeli’s try to explain why it was justified.

And as news reports came in of the mounting Israeli death toll and injuries which were caused by these terrorist attacks there was Ashwari explaining without emotion why Israel and Israelis had to continue to suffer. Her explanations made no sense, but yet time after time she was the spokeswoman who would be nominated to speak on behalf of Arafat.

Taking a look at Miftah headquarters, we see it is based in Ramallah, which is north of Jerusalem.  Now if we look at the location of where Arafat is buried, it is also Ramallah. So chances are that if both Congresswomen would have been invited to Miftah’s offices, they would have been given a guided tour of the area where Arafat was once living, and where he is buried today.

I am positive I mentioned on a previous Blog, that we lived in the Jerusalem suburb of Neve Yaakov, which is very close to Ramallah as the crow flies, and is on the northern edge of Jerusalem.  Arafat was suspected of being involved in many terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians in his final years.  Evidence was discovered that this was the case. So in September, 2002, the IDF was given orders to basically destroy Arafat’s compound and I could hear the armored bulldozers doing their work until 2:30am.

Here is more background on Arafat via  Wikipedia

    Relations with Hamas and other militant groups

Arafat’s ability to adapt to new tactical and political situations was perhaps tested by the rise of the Hamas and Islamist groups espousing rejectionist policies with Israel. These groups often bombed non-military targets, such as malls and movie theaters, to increase the psychological damage and civilian casualties. In the 1990s, and seemed to threaten Arafat’s capacity to hold together a unified nationalist organization with a goal of statehood.[113]

An attack carried out by Hamas militants in March 2002 killed 29 Israeli civilians celebrating Passover, including many senior citizens.[119] In response, Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield, a major military offensive into major West Bank citiesMahmoud al-Zahar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, stated in September 2010 that Arafat had instructed Hamas to launch what he termed “military operations” against Israel in 2000 when Arafat felt that negotiations with Israel would not succeed.[120]

Some Israeli government officials opined in 2002 that the armed Fatah sub-group al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades commenced attacks towards Israel in order to compete with Hamas.[121] On 6 May 2002, the Israeli government released a report, based in part on documents, allegedly captured during the Israeli raid of Arafat’s Ramallah headquarters, which included copies of papers signed by Arafat authorizing funding for al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades’ activities. The report implicated Arafat in the “planning and execution of terror attacks”.[122]

Attempts to marginalize


Arafat was finally allowed to leave his compound on 2 May 2002 after intense negotiations led to a settlement: six PFLP militants, including the organization’s secretary-general Ahmad Sa’adat, wanted by Israel, who had been holed up with Arafat in his compound, would be transferred to international custody in Jericho. After the wanted men were handed over the siege was lifted.[124] With that, and a promise that he would issue a call to the Palestinians to halt attacks on Israelis, Arafat was released. He issued such a call on 8 May.  In March 2003, Arafat ceded his post as Prime Minister to Mahmoud Abbas amid pressures by the US.[128]

The Israeli security Cabinet on 11 September 2003 decided that “Israel will act to remove this obstacle [Arafat] in the manner, at the time, and in the ways that will be decided on separately”.[129] Israeli Cabinet members and officials hinted on Arafat’s death,[130][131][132] the Israeli military had begun making preparations for Arafat’s possible expulsion in the near future,[133][134] and many feared for his life. Israeli peace activists of Gush Shalom, Knesset members and others went into the Presidential Compound prepared to serve as a human shield.[135][136] The compound remained under siege until Arafat’s transfer to a French hospital, shortly before his death.

In 2004, President Bush dismissed Arafat as a negotiating partner, saying he had “failed as a leader”, and accused him of undercutting Abbas when he was prime minister (Abbas resigned the same year he was given the position).[137] Arafat had a mixed relationship with the leaders of other Arab nations.

According to reports I have seen, Ashrawi was born to Palestinian Christian parents on October 8, 1946 in the city of Nablus, British Mandate for Palestine, now part of the occupied West Bank.[1] Her father, Daoud Mikhail, was a physician and one of the founders of the Palestine Liberation Organization,[2][3] and her mother Wadi’a Ass’ad Mikhail, was an ophthalmic nurse.[2]

If her father was one of the founders of the PLO wouldn’t it stand to reason that Ashrawi would continue to support the value system of the PLO with Miftah until this day.

This explains the decision by Omar, in particular, to start hurling verbal insults at our people and the Jewish State from the first day she entered  Congress because she wanted to stand together with the Palestinian people and not with the people within her district who helped her when she and her family fled Somalia. That is quite sad

And that is definitely proof that her claim to have graduated from the school named after Hubert H. Humphrey must either be totally false, or she totally forgot what she learned there.

So it seems Omar and Ashrawi are similar people with similar beliefs and tendencies of not telling the truth. A good example of this is contained in an Op-Ed published by Ashrawi in the NY Times which appears at the end of this Blog. The article actually come from the Honest Reporting Site which comments on her Op-Ed.

As far as the future of Omar and Tlaib, that is now up to Congress to decide.

But with the resumption of missile attacks on Israeli’s by the terrorists in Gaza, it seems the only way to shut up these two Congresswomen are to remove them from their seats.

In a previous Blog, I have written that it has happened before, and with the determination of Congress, can happen again.

But if Congress fails to act like it has until now, then it seems there are two ticking verbal explosive devices that could resume attacking Jews, Israel and America any moment, and it is important that Congress must act now to stop them.

That is applicable for my myself, family and all Israelis who are in the direct line of fire from these missile attacks.


New York Times Op-Ed Blames Shimon Peres for…Everything

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