Why Charitable Works Are Worth Emulating

The name Michael Kogan has been a force to reckon with when you consider the media business and philanthropy. As a committed and a passionate community activist, he has perfected his art of volunteering and empowering the people around him. What most people have never understood is the fact that behind his generosity is a man who has worked extremely hard to pave the way for the generosity that he extends.

Michael Kogan has had quite a significant touch with business, having been among the founding members of Pinnacle Consulting.  His presence at the top management level has enabled the group to manage and even own various projects and properties in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and even parts of the Midwest.  Under his management, the company has performed exceptionally well in this sector of the economy.

It has been the other side of the world where Michael Kogan‘s heart continually resides.  His passion mostly emanates from the fact that he has been called to do it from the heart and not to manifest his reputation among his fellow men.  In this regard, his interest has always been on nonprofit organizations that mostly focus on improving the quality of education in the various areas they operate.  Michael, therefore, supports these organizations through providing food and other necessities that may be lacking in a given community. From this passion, he has always involved himself in numerous charitable activities in Israel specifically, where he has always focused his attention.

A look at some of these non-profit organizations to which he has directed his philanthropy efforts include: the America-Israeli Friendship League, the Israelite, and the CarmeiHa’ir.  In the organization, he is privileged to serve as one of their board members where he actively takes part in decision making that affects the groups. The other organizations that he also works with carefully include Eagle Wings, Yeshivat Orayta, Kulanu Academy and Aleph Beta Academy.

Michael Kogan has been a great inspiration to many communities around Israel courtesy of the numerous charity works that he has initiated and supported. As a person, his influence has touched many lives, encouraging them to have a better perspective on life and all that comes with it. His and many other stories form part of the moral fabric of the society. Through his business and other works of charity, Michael confirms that one’s words and deeds should go hand in hand to make our world a much better place.

About the Author
Michael Kogan has been highly active in the world of Jewish philanthropy. He has been a major participator in the real estate and technology consulting business, managing and owning various projects and properties in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and parts of the Midwest. Also made contributions to Chabad / Merkos 302, the America-Israeli Friendship League, the Israelite, and the CarmeiHa'ir, among others.
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