Why do MY children need to go to war?

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

But I am finding it difficult to show love for my neighbors, especially the ones who don’t fight for the country that I love and, even more so, don’t believe in it.

Love comes with shared experiences. Will they also be waiting up at nights, hoping  to hear from their children who are serving and protecting?

So what exactly do I have in common with those who do not support my country, a country I left Canada twice for? A country where I work hard, raise my kids and feel a spiritual and historical connection to, where I did my service and continue to pay social benefits as is my right and is my duty.

And we already know full well that good fences do not make good neighbors.

I want my heart and my soul to be free of anger and I want to be open to loving my neighbors.

But we are not a wealthy country and we cannot afford some of the luxuries that other more prosperous countries can.

The law of sharing the burden of social responsibility is a fair and honest approach to a flourishing country that needs its citizens to not only take, but also to give back.

To volunteer in the many places where there is a need for manpower.

To receive the social services that are suitable for our place and status in society.

To give to a country that provides us with a place to live, a home and protects the history of our Jewish heritage.

I will not hate. But I will not stand alone either.

Sometimes the greatest statement is one of actions. Living the life you feel is right.

I saw someone write the statement that love leads to love. Well, I am here waiting. Show me the love.

Show me the love for a country which I stand strong with and believe me, you will get a basketful of love right back at you.

Until then, stop clogging up our streets. We are trying to work.

About the Author
Devora Mason is a single mom of five who works in business development focusing on unique Israeli technology,and Innovation, specializing in subjects from AR/VR to the stars and back! Her life experiences lead her to write about social issues and people that she encounters in Israel. As a consultant she enjoys her work with Israeli startups and corporate entities and is currently the VP of Global partnerships at StellarNova, a female founded startup focusing on STEM blended education and media content for kids.