Why do they love to hate Jews?

Whatever the reason, Jews have been hated since the birth of Christianity. This hatred is a virus called anti-semitism. It has had a few mutations and manifested itself in a few forms.

Anti-semitism started as theological hatred. For those of you who did not know, the first libelous narrative spread by the earliest Christian establishment, in an effort to legitimize itself, was that Jews were “responsible” for the death of Jesus and everything that went wrong with the Divine plan. And I honestly do not believe that the issuing of another thousand “Nosra Aetate” documents (published in 1965), supposedly absolving all Jews from a baseless accusation could really clear them of the verdict that they have been wrongly subjected to and continue to be subjected to for over two thousand years! Unfortunately, that lie, that narrative is still being preached from some pulpits until this day.

Then there was anti Semitism in its racial form. Surely you have seen the caricatures depicting Jews with hooked noses, blubbery lips, and diabolical features counting their money and sucking the economic life of the society within which they dwelled. “The Jew has always been a people with definite racial characteristics and never a religion, “ Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf.

In his anti-Jewish propaganda, Hitler and the Nazi party adopted some of the writings of Otto Weininger, a self-hating Austrian Jewish philosopher who committed suicide at the age of 23. According to Weininger, Jews were racially impure because, they “were essentially feminine. As such, they were amoral, without a sense of good or evil, and thus as a consequence were soulless.”

And now, these very same “soulless” entities “dared” to have risen from the ashes. They have done so despite of and against all laws of nature and logic.

They have come back from the brinks of the abyss and  founded a Jewish state in Zion. They turned the desert into fertile land, created a civilization, raised a generation of world leaders in many disciplines sharing its gifts with others  and against all odds, they continue to defy every effort to eliminate them. As a result, we now have political anti-semitism AKA anti-Zionism.

“I am not anti-semitic,” those that try to bring down the Jewish state will try to convince you, “I am merely anti-Zionist.”

What a feeble excuse, stemming from ignorance, or is it?

Zionism, dear anti-semites, is rooted in Judaism, the very same culture or concept towards which you direct your hatred. “Zion,” mentioned 152 times in the Tanach, the Holy Book of the Jewish people, which is also referred to, rightly or wrongly, as “The Old Testament” or, the “Jewish Bible,” is the center of Jewish culture, the most important principle in Jewish history. It is the place where Jews turn to when they pray, the place they have yearned to come back to and the place they have mentioned daily in their prayers, literature and art for over two millennia. Zionism is the movement that calls for the establishment of a Jewish Homeland in Zion, the ancient, ancestral Jewish Home.

In the words of the late Martin Luther King Jr., “anti-Zionist is inherently anti-Semitic, and ever will be so.” Yes, Judaism and Zionism are one and the same; you cannot be “anti” one without being “anti” the other unless you create your own fables, tales or your “narrative.”

A walking apparition among the nations, an unexplained phenomenon, that is what the Jews, this very strange breed of people, are to many; a ghost that should have been removed, eradicated and long gone. The fear of ghosts, Phasmophobia has blurred the senses of a primitive world and controlled its every move and action.

Whichever way you address Jews and Judaism, dear world, be it a religion, a race or a political entity, now that they have their own sovereign state, one underlying truth remains uncontested, whatever the reason, you are jealous of them, you are afraid of them and let us face it, you simply love to hate them.

About the Author
Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks is an English teacher and a pro Israel advocate. She lives in Israel and has recently published her first novel, "On A Wing From The Holy Land."