Why do US taxpayers continue to pay into the useless UN?

Every year I am perplexed by the fact that the US pays about 25% of the total country dues the United Nations receives.  I have also read , that the US, along with Europe and Japan, account for approximately 60% of the ENTIRE UN budget.  Or at least it did in 2013, according to the UN’s own website.  With these countries paying that amount into the UN, I’d expect better results than what I have seen.  And so should you. It is after all, you, the taxpayer, that’s footing this bill.

The UN’s purpose is supposedly to promote international co-operation.  Read that to mean, an “end” to “war”.  But with the US, Japan and Europe accounting for 60% of its funding, I have yet to see anything along the lines of international cooperation amongst countries nor an end to war.

In my view, the UN has been indirectly responsible for much turmoil in the world today by ignoring hot spots or sensitive issues that might upset war like countries.  They also have been inept in spending, or perhaps, with the “food for oil” program vis a vis Iraq in the mid 1990s, corrupt.  You will need to read the Volker report on the food for oil program to draw your own conclusions.  Mine is that of corruption.  And of course, Kofi Annan is regarded as this great humanitarian for the masses.  Oh please.

Why should US taxpayers fund the UN for its peacekeeping missions that have been utter failures?  How has their peacekeeping missions been going in Iraq/Syria?  Oh that’s right, there are none.  Beheading tends to keep the UN away.  Same with its enforcement and oversight of UN Security Council Resolution #1701.  Has the UN prevented Hezbollah or other terror groups from rearming and placing projectiles in Southern Lebanon as required?  We all know the answer.  This is the same UN that stood by as massacres occurred in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the 1990s.  Nothing has changed, except the faces at the UN.

Why do US taxpayers continue to pay into a group that gives nothing of value or importance in return?  Take this UN Human Rights Council.  Only one country has been on the agenda.  No, it’s not North Korea or South Sudan.  Nope, it’s not Iran.  We know the country and it’s Israel.  And we really know why.  It has nothing to do with human rights.  It’s the same reason that the UN in 1974 said that Zionism was racism, but then somehow came to their senses and said it wasn’t in 1990.  But hey, forget that 60% of the UN’s budget is paid by decent countries.  It’s all the other countries that are spending our dough.  Countries without democracy, countries that want to pretend to care for Arabs but also could have created an independent Palestine many times over by now with some diplomatic pressure being applied to Palestinians and other Arab countries wishing to have an eternal war against Israel.  These countries, and those of communist persuasion, along with the nutty dictatorships around the world, these are the countries running the show at the UN.  It’s like the guest that comes over to your home and decides to start watching his own shows on your television, without asking.  That’s what we have at the UN and have had for the last 40 years or so, non-stop.   And it’s mostly on our dime.  Newsflash to the White House and to the American taxpayer.  The cold war ended years ago.  It’s time to watch your own television shows.

And let us not forget other waste at the UN Human Rights Council which wants us to believe that Israel is the largest human rights transgressor – or at least it is when it comes to women.  Forget that Israel has Arab women in its own Knesset that have been outspoken in hoping that Israel ceases to exist – or at least outspoken in taking steps towards its destruction in a manner such as supporting Hamas via a flotilla back in 2010.  Regardless of such tolerance, women in Israel must not be very happy.  To the UNHRC, the Israelis are treating their female population much worse than in Saudi Arabia, where they cannot drive or vote.  Or Iran, where they must dress “modestly” according to Islamic law and not according to free will.

Yes, the US taxpayer is paying for this absurdity.  As Hamas continues to store weapons at UN schools – and of course to the surprise of the UN when it becomes public knowledge, we somehow, through warped logic, “need” the UN to focus full attention on Israel.  Focus on Israel is where your taxpayer dollars are being horribly spent.   All the UN has to do is have a representative, whose salary is funded by the taxpayer,  cry a couple of times on CNN during the Gaza war to persuade people that Israel is at fault and somehow, Hamas is the lovely caring entity that the Palestinians must have run their country.  Forget the facts that everyone knows – that Hamas uses human shields, has its military command center under Gaza’s main hospital – a hospital Israel built by the way, and of course, store weapons at UNRWA schools.  Forget these facts.  Forget unguided rockets shot at schools and apartment buildings in Israel, for the sole purpose of killing only civilians.   We must always focus on Israel.   As an homage to Star Wars I guess, the UN wants us to believe that Hamas is not the human rights violators we are seeking.  So we must focus only on Israel.  And we know why that is.   So I have to ask.  Why are we, the sincere taxpayers, paying for such idiocy?

And last, the UN’s uselessness doesn’t stem from its backwards and obviously uneducated dealings with Israel or its lack of acknowledgment of Palestinian terrorism.  We can look at how China and Russia continually skirt criticism at the UN.  Sure these countries are permanent members that have “veto” power, but hey, that must make them non-accountable for their land grabs, whether taking part of the Ukraine or islands in the South China sea.  I guess when the UN gets frustrated at such thuggish behavior, they can always go to the UNHRC and bash Israel some more.

Why does the US, Japan and Europe continue to pay for this waste?  When will this stop?

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