Anat Ghelber
Some people call me Ana

Why do we have wars in the world?

As I ponder the history of wars, it’s clear that conflicts have been a recurring theme throughout time, tied to the existence of borders. Wars like those in Ukraine, Israel, and Iraq highlight this pattern. As members of society, we dutifully follow the rules and pay our taxes, trusting that the government will look after us. But what does “government” really mean? Do those in power truly have our best interests at heart?

As an Israeli, I can’t help but feel conflicted about the war in Israel and the loss of life on both sides. Is there a right or wrong side? Can the prime minister be held responsible? Would things improve with a better leader, or even better presidents? Perhaps, but for how long? Ethical leaders may emerge, but unethical ones always seem to rise to the top.

I believe the solution might not lie in voting or politics, but rather in the opposite. What if there were no territory to fight for, no countries, and no governments? What if people could live wherever they pleased? This might actually boost the economy. Consider COVID – it knows no borders, spreading everywhere.

Unless we break free from this cycle of governments, the cycle of wars will persist. Ethical leaders will vie against unethical ones, leading nowhere in the long run. We should come together as inhabitants of this planet and acknowledge that the government doesn’t truly prioritize any of us, whether we like it or not.

It’s time for us to liberate ourselves and grant everyone the freedom to live where they choose, without being subject to the rule of a few select individuals. This approach may not resolve all the world’s issues, and there may still be conflicts, but it would curtail major wars and the threats of power-hungry leaders. Let’s dismantle the borders across every nation and rid ourselves of governments to finally be free.