Why do we wait for Pesach to bring the Four Sons to the Table?

Pesach brings the whole Jewish People to the table. 93% of Jews in Israel take part in the Seder and countless millions will do the same all over the world.

Truly an act of Jewish unity.

Throughout the year we struggle to find ways to entice all four sons to one table. A single table around which we discuss our past, understand what it means to be a free people, and of course dream of the Fifth Cup, representing our future.

In Israel the four sons are separated at birth, each one living in a separate neighborhood or even settlement, town or city. They will attend separate schools for religious, secular and Haredi, and may go through great parts of their life without seeing one another.

This is a recipe for stereotypes, and for alienation, the results of which we see daily on social networks, the TV and in politics. It represents a strategic threat to our survival.

Gesher’s mission throughout the year is to re-unite those who have been separated, the process for which demands not just a physical meeting, but care in breaking the stereotypes and reducing the alienation.

Only then can we act together to realise the potential that our amazing country and people have.

Chag Sameach

Watch Gesher’s recent leadership mission to London – take 2 minutes to see unity in action!


About the Author
Daniel Goldman is a social entrepreneur and the Founding Partner of Goldrock Capital, one of Israel's leading multi-family offices. Daniel is the founder of The Institute for Jewish and Zionist Research and co-chairs the Coalition for Haredi Employment. He is the former chairman of World Bnei Akiva, and immediate past chairman of Gesher.