Why Do You Hate Us?

The news over the weekend was unmoving. As unsettling as it was, it is far too common a display from a typical mainstream segment of society. The coverage itself was static and rehearsed, as if these events are nothing more than talking points for corporations to sustain consumer interest and interest groups to score fundraising points on. But who was really affected by the events this past weekend? The same people who have been affected by these exact same events from the exact same unsuspecting people who seem to “not be the type” to meddle in Jew hatred, Jews.

Of course, the news I can be referring here to is the New York Times’ Nazi propaganda tribute, however it is not – it’s the New York Times, I expect no less from them.  The San Diego shooting itself did not spark this contemplation, it was the statement from the family of the shooter that did. A typical family with seemingly good values, at least from their statement in which they admonished their kin, a family that blamed outside influences for corrupting their own. The NY Times aside, there are many outside influences that espouse Jew hatred – and I am purposefully not calling it Anti-Semitism, it is pure hate – so why? Why would the boy next door, why would a news outlet (created and run by Jews no less), why would most of the people on this earth hate us? Why have they over the millennia? So, the following dialogue is for all of you Jew Haters (I’ve raised your status and capped your title accordingly. You’re welcome). Naturally, I don’t know your responses, but perhaps what you continue to read below will stoke some answers inside – and perhaps shed a little light as to why the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob piss you off so much.

Throughout the ages, Jews have fared poorly in most countries. With few exceptions, Jews were an underclass. In Europe, where a large segment of the Diaspora resided, a Jewish village could expect physical and verbal harassment at the least, and inquisitions at the worst. And while autocrats and religious leaders who ruled over the masses tried their hardest to keep the Jew in their corner, the damned Jew just kept coming back, and doing so in a way that made us even more indispensable. No matter how hard we were beaten, we came back and added greatness and civility to this world. So, in my mind, this must be it. We are hated because we are successful beyond comprehension – few want to shout it, but I do, I am proud of my heritage’s contributions – we are hated because people are naturally envious, Freud (father of Psychology, a famed Jew) introduced that concept. So, is it that? Do you hate us because of what we have done?  I can hear many of you Jew Haters mumbling “what have you done?” – Ok. Here goes.

Isaac Moses built the first bank in America. Haym Solomon later created what we all now know as a typical bank. There are many more Jews who built banking, but this has to be under a certain word count so I’ll stick to the big ones. Do you have a problem with your bank and therefore the root of their evil are the Jews who built them?

Perhaps you have had a bad experience in a department store – oh, any of them will do, the entire concept itself was that of a Jew, a few actually. Benjamin Altman, Adam Gimbel, Abe Abraham, Izzy and Nate Straus just to name a few of the retail pioneers who had a very bad eighth day of life. Maybe it was Jeans you bought that didn’t fit right and traced the root of that problem to Mr. Jeans himself, the coolest of the cool, Levi “The Levite” Strauss (not really sure about the quotations but it seems fitting). Anyway, could it be a shopping experience which turned you south on the Chosen Ones?  Or is it less shallow than money and retail and capitalism (oh, yeah, we were big into building that too)?  I mean, one of our members did give us Socialism and Capitalism and all the good that comes with those philosophies.

Yes, Marx was a Jew – If I could apologize for it I would – so we have contributed to what many would consider to be altruistic social and political concepts, the biggest one these days in fact and we are not all about amassing wealth. In fact, we are social warriors. Lillian Wald, Henry Moskowitz, Stephen Wise, Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf were all instrumental in the founding and establishment of the NAACP, yes, an organization to advance the welfare of African Americans was founded (and funded) with much Jewish involvement and support. Not only them, there are many who deserve tribute like Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman whose deaths while campaigning for Civil Rights helped spark a movement. So, do you hate us because we care about people who are different than us? Do you hate us because we dream of something better for the world and try to make it happen – sacrificing our lives in many cases to do so?

It could be British colonialism which many today cite as the root of all the problems we have on our dear planet today. From famines, to land and people exploitation, yes – Jews did it all (with the help from the British Empire of course). However, it is true that had it not been for men, Jewish men, like Moses Montefiore, David Salomons, Isaac Goldsmith and Nathan Rothschild, the British Empire would have not been able to spread. I can see that, I really can – Jews funded England’s expansion and so many tragedies occurred as a result all over the world. Although, it was the kings and queens who sought to conquer the world and if you do blame colonialism, it is not on us. And truthfully, the world we live in, a small world with common language and ability for cross border trade all across the globe is because of the Colonial English Experiment and we are all better off for it.

Perhaps it was the European invasion of the Western Hemisphere. No, I’m not talking about the rumors Columbus was Jewish – we don’t typically believe that although the thought is inspiring – however the guy who bought his ships and men and food for his expeditions as well as many other famous round earth mythbusters was Louis Santanel, a Jew.  We can argue about what the world will look like if it never happened – we could not argue that it would have been better.

Once we got to the America’s the early settlers needed a way to bring things from one side of the Northern Continent to the other, so they called on a Ted Judah to design and work it all out and the Transcontinental railroad was born, choo choo. Then cars came along, and Max Goldberg showed the world where to park them, and Lou Blaustein gave us a way to fill them up. Not to mention the countless engineers, designers and businessmen who made the cars themselves. Can that be the cause of hatred? Global warming and excessive carbon emissions were made possible by Jews? Too much of a stretch? Ok, maybe it’s the science. The whole nuclear thing, I know.

Of course, Bob Oppenheimer orchestrated it (ok, yes with help from a team but that too was packed with Jewish minds). But the blueprints came from a relatively unsuspecting Albert Einstein (as did so many other things that make the modern world we call live in with our satellites and GPS and space ships and so on).  Oh, shout out to Niels Bohr, Otto Frisch and Felix Bloch who really helped bring the whole nuclear fusion thing into being.  As a result of the work that so many had done, our homes are bright in the darkness of night, our growing electrical needs are met each and every day. Diseases and abnormalities and skeletal issues are visible as a result of Nuclear science. It cannot be that. So, could it be another science?

Medicine. I know, even in the rare case that your Doctor is not Jewish you cannot help but be pricked and prodded and processed by Jewish inventions. Vaccines? I know, lately in the news it seems that we created them but we don’t really want to take them ourselves, but fact is we created them (and most of us do take them, by choice too). Jonas Salk, Abe Waksman, Paul “The Magic Bullet” Ehrlich (quotes are actually real here) are just some of the Tribesmen who have contributed to our overall health and well-being, day to day.  Psychologically speaking, there wouldn’t be any psychological speak had it not been for the aforementioned Freud, who taught us that’s its natural for young boys to get excited by their mothers and little girls to wish they could.

A Jew also helped the world care for its teeth. The invention of Novocain, an anesthetic, changed dentistry and allowed for a broader array of procedures meant to promote oral health. A simple headache or, depending on the decade, a heart issue, might have never been alleviated without Aspirin, also created by those evil Jews, actually one quite nice one by all accounts, but lump us all together as you have done for ages.

It’s not just vaccines and drugs, of which there are literally thousands of Jews to credit, How many babies would be blind had it not been for a Jew? Too many to count, but thanks to one smart Jew we don’t have to.  Many other smart Jews have contributed and continue to contribute to making this world healthier. We have an entire country now and a big part of that economy is helping to cure cancers, and genetic diseases and making surgeries less invasive and more productive. Now, I know some of you Jew Haters out there calling yourselves “Anti-Zionist not Anti-Semitic” believe that the innovations coming from our little pimple on the earth (actually the Palestinian’s little pimple which we are occupying, sorry) are fruit of the poisonous tree, because we experiment on our occupied Palestinians. You won’t believe me if I told you it was a lie, but I can show some things that prove this wrong.

A Shiite Muslim is safer in Israel than in a Sunni Muslim Country. Fact. A Sunni Muslim is safer in Israel than in any Shiite Muslim country. Fact.  ALL religions are safer in Israel than they are in any other Middle Eastern Country (and most countries in the world). Fact. Muslims living in Israel (and any other religion for that matter) are freer to practice, not practice or simply believe than in any other Islamic country. Israel is usually a first responder to natural disasters around the world, consistently.  We are a good people; we have been an exceptional people. Why do you hate us?

If you cannot see it, I am just tooting the Shofar (Jewish Horn). I could talk about how a race that makes up but .02% of the world has amassed among its honors over 20% of the Nobel Prize winners were Jewish. 35 for Chemistry, 55 for Medicine, 55 in Physics, 15 for Literature, 30 for Economics and 9 for Peace. Remember, the Nobel’s are under 125 years old. Peace? In Israel’s 70 year history it has produced 3 Peace Prize winners. Others countries can claim three too, but six of them were also Jews.  I could go on and rub it in at just how better off you, the Jew Hater, are for having us. Hell, we even make it easier and better for you to spread your Jew Hatred – although many in Silicon Valley might shy away from the fact that they are Jewish but one glimpse of them in the country club showers would clear that up.

So, why do you hate us?  How can one small and insignificant-in-size people that has done so much to make the world a better place, how can we threaten the world you live in? What would your world look like had we never been here? What would possess you to walk into an innocent gathering of people celebrating a holiday and destroy that all?  None of my reasons above were good enough? Well maybe you can contemplate and think about why you are a Jew Hater. There are many who would love to know.

About the Author
Jay Engelmayer is a business development professional who resides in Israel with his wife and four children. He is a four-star trained chef, a staunch yet practical Zionist and a self-proclaimed news junky.