Why does the (Far) Left Hate Israel?

Along with every new, fresh conflict between Israel and the Palestinians come the same narrative, conversations, and debates. This may sound familiar: Palestinians lob rockets, Israel finally responds with substantial force, the international community along with the media react in a frenzy, and a ceasefire is ultimately achieved, basically bringing us back to square one. But it is not only the sequence of events that remains relatively predictable. The left/right divide on the issue does as well. Time after time, polls indicate that the majority of conservatives in the US support Israel’s military actions while the majority of liberals do not. In Europe, the beacon of left-wing globalist governance, the overwhelming number of people support the Palestinian cause. What is it about Israel that the Left simply cannot tolerate?

This is a question that deserves more than just an essay written by yours truly, but given that everyone feels entitled to throw in his two cents regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict, I will do so as well. The question at hand is especially fascinating because the reality of the situation is a total paradox. Liberals really should, more than anyone, support Israel. After all, Israel is liberal-democracy. It has a modern, technologically savvy population, keen on LGBT and minority rights. Demonstrations on economic inequality as well as other protests are frequent, and contrary to those in the neighboring countries, are not savagely put down by the government. So why is it that Israel, the seemingly natural ally of the Left, is do despised?

I believe the answer is two-fold. The first, and perhaps primary basis for the hatred is related to the Left’s general worldview. Ever since the mass destruction wrought by the extreme nationalism of the 20th century, the globalist view of the postmodernists has been held in high esteem, especially in the liberal academic circles. This view purports the necessity for our world to dissolve the boundaries which mainly separate us into nations, ignore the historical, ethnic, or religious differences that often separate us into said nations, and embrace the concept of international fluidity. The notion of nationalism is condemned as counterproductive, archaic and dangerous. The relatively contemporary philosophy is indeed coming to fruition. Europe has created the EU, a major step forward towards the postmodern reality of porous borders and limited nationalism.

The existence of an ethnic nation-state, a nation specifically defined by the ethnicity, religion, or race of its people is totally anathema towards the Left’s worldview. Just look at the Left’s horror of the new right wing political surge in Europe, which is seeking to halt (Muslim) immigration and preserve ethnic national identity. After all, will France be France when the majority of its population consists of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East? Of course not. But the Left simply cannot fathom or even tolerate this idea, that history, race, and religion are essential in shaping a national identity and character. Ideally, they don’t want to see countries. They want an ever interconnected world free of national pride. This harkens back to the Marxist underpinnings of the Left, that humanity ought to identify as “species-beings.” In other words, we ought to look past all “superficial” divisions, whether they be economic, social, racial, or ethnic, and identify with all humankind. John Lennon was quite honest when he declared “Imagine there’s no countries…”
Israel is a glaring obstacle.

Israel, as defined by its Declaration of Independence, is a Jewish state. Indeed, inherit in that notion is a Jewish majority that runs the show. If ever there existed a majority non-Jewish population in Israel, there would be no more Jewish State; there would be no more Israel. And this is exactly what the Left wants, because the alternative is intolerable. The solution proposed by prominent leftist anti-Zionists is the creation of one state where everyone is equal. In other words, no Jewish state or Palestinian state, but rather one unified state. Its complete lack of viability aside, this solution resonates with the modern leftist who seeks the destruction of ethnic, religious nation-states. But that’s what Israel is, and that’s what Israel will always be.

The second facet of this leftist hatred lies with increasing sympathy for Muslims worldwide. This newfound affection is especially pertinent here in the States, where everyone must bend over backwards just to avoid any possible political incorrectness that may offend Muslims. The inability of many on the Left to mention the terms “Islamic terrorists” or “Islamic Terrorism,” is also telling. Moreover, liberals by and large supported the Mosque at Ground Zero, even though most Americans saw the project as incredibly inconsiderate and demoralizing.

What is the source of this love? Surely it can’t be based on Islam’s merits alone because the new Left is not so into the whole “God” or “religion” thing. I posit that it is the natural, or subconscious result of their war against Christianity and the Church. For centuries, the balance of power has shifted between the Christian and Muslim world. Since the Left ultimately seeks to destroy the Church and it’s influence in the West, by default they sympathize with the Muslim world, even though in the long run, there is no connection between the two.

In summation, a leftist sees the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and he sees a Western style ethnic nation state, a way more powerful one might I add, against a Muslim minority. Their globalist vision and opposition to the “traditional West” block all rational thought, barring them from supporting their natural ally and opposing their natural foe.

About the Author
Uri is a law student at New York University School of Law. He describes himself as a traditionalist and a Constitutionalist. He is bold in his opinions, and never submits to the dangers of political correctness.