Why don’t we Jews get it?


I really don’t like writing posts when I’m feeling so agitated. I’d much rather write about, say, the challenge of lighting Shabbos candles on time. Good, clean Jewish fun.

But I just read a story that shook me to my core. And it actually relates to Shabbos candles.

According to, CBS News wanted the world to know the most important detail of Wednesday’s terror attack, in which Border Policewoman Hadar Cohen died after being shot in the head at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate. This was the initial CBS headline:

“3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on”

Inaccuracies and biases are one thing. This phenomenon is not news with regard to the situation in Israel. But this story was nothing short of absurd. And from CBS? CBS, which was synonymous with honesty and accuracy when I was growing up? CBS, with anchorman Walter Cronkite, whose picture you could find in the dictionary under “avuncular”? Of course we could trust him when he concluded his nightly broadcasts, nodding with certainty as he proclaimed, “And that’s the way it is.”

Maybe that’s the way it was, but no more.

If you’ve been to Jerusalem, you’ve seen Hadar Cohens everywhere. It was all too easy for me to imagine the gruesome scene that ended her 19-year-old life.

It’s already insane enough that Jews are being slaughtered with impunity in our own land, but now we see with stunning clarity how the mainstream media lies about it!

Thank G-d, a watchdog organization successfully pressured CBS to change the headline, but its original version has already been imprinted on millions of minds.

I don’t suggest we try to psychoanalyze why this media folly is happening, but everyone reading this post must know that it IS happening. And that we Jews must not despair.

The Jewish state and the Jewish people aren’t going anywhere, To me, this CBS story sheds an unmistakeable light on a painful truth: our only real friend is our G-d.

Tonight, Jewish women can beseech Him. We can light Shabbos candles on time, and we can encourage other Jewish women to do it, too. And when we light, we can beg G-d to protect us all from our enemies. But that’s not the ultimate answer. We must beg Him to transform the world’s darkness into light by sending Moshiach NOW.

About the Author
Lieba Rudolph, her husband, Zev, and their young family returned to observant Jewish life when they were both over thirty. Now, after spending equal time in both worlds, she shares the joys and challenges of her journey, answering everyone's unasked question: why would anyone normal want to become religious?