Why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev must die

Tsarnaev and boat

The trial finished up last week of the one surviving Jihadist bomber in Boston, the jury coming in with guilty  on all thirty counts. All that is left now is to decide his punishment. Because this is a federal court he could get the death penalty. Massachusetts has no death penalty, so if he had been tried by the State instead of the feds he would have not been eligible for execution. He should get the death penalty. No other punishment is suitable for a crime of this magnitude.

His defense team is trying desperately to save his life. But, giving him life in prison without the possibility of parole poses certain risks, to say nothing of the moral problem of allowing him to live.

Dzhochar Tsarnaev should have been killed that night in the boat. If so, we wouldn’t be going through this now. He probably expected it, that’s why he scrolled that last testament in blood on the inside hull where he was hiding.

Because of our enlightened humane laws regarding execution of murderers there is a chance that he could end up in prison for the rest of his life. That would be a huge mistake. Let’s not forget what we are dealing with here. This is a cold blooded unrepentant killer who set off a bomb designed to kill slowly rather than all at once. The device packed with bb’s, nails, tacks and shards of other material was designed to explode out low and hard. Not to kill but to maim in a way that death would be slow and painful.

That’s why you had hundreds of injuries, in the lower extremes, hands, feet, legs, blown off, ripped flesh from bones, and bone fragments strewn around the crime scene. All this meant to create extreme pain.

That isn’t enough to put him death? Ok try this out.

What if at some point his buddies take revenge and hostages in a school or a bank or an American consulate somewhere. And, they demand his release. They kill one hostage to show they mean business and then another and another like, say…every 20-30 minutes or so, depending of course, how many innocent people they have to leverage getting Tsarnaev out. We will be forced to let him go, otherwise our own people, maybe a lot of them will die. They will probably die anyway but that is a different story.

Look at Israel. It jails its murderers and they serve an average of four or five years and then are let go because the enemy kidnaps a soldier, or takes a family hostage. As long as you keep Jihadists like Tsarnaev alive you run the risk of putting other Americans in danger anywhere in the world. Don’t do it. Execute him and execute him rapidly.

Does that convince you? Well, there are more possibilities.

What if 30-40 years from now when all this is over and some humanitarian group wants to have him released because, after all, that was a long time ago and it is no longer an issue. Tsarnaev is in his 50s. He could lead a relatively normal life after that. The 200 or so people who survived his attempt on their lives would still be dealing with their injuries, suffering from a life altered, and shattered by a maniacal drive of an unbending, hateful, murderous, religious ideology.

Tzsarnaev has been found guilty of his crime. He should be sentenced to death and quickly. Congress should amend its laws concerning criminals condemned to death. Do not let Tzsarnaev languish in a prison cell for the next 20-25 years, exhausting appeal after appeal, only to finely be executed in his mid to late forties. That is almost the same as giving him life.

Let Tsarnaev’s trial and execution set a new precedent for Jiahdist punishments in the western world. No Jihadist should ever be allowed to live after we have extracted all the possible information we want. On the battlefield the enemy should be executed right there, no mercy, just kill them. Take no prisoners.

Just think if  we had executed those terrorists we exchanged for Beau Berghdahl, President Obama would not have been able to let them go for a traitor.

When they are caught committing a jihadist attack in the homeland they should be tried quickly, found guilty, sentenced to death, allowed their one appeal to make sure that the trial and sentence were legal according to whatever western country you live in  and then executed forthwith.

Here in the U.S. when the appellate court is satisfied with the procedure, Tsarnaev should be executed within 48 hours. No waiting, no hesitation.

Furthermore, we have to realize this doesn’t end with the Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

How many more Dzhokhar’s are there in the U.S. walking around, going to school with our kids, thinking, planning waiting like a jackel until the moment he  strikes us a murdering blow.

A Pew poll in 2007 found 26% of all Muslim males ages 18-30 think that suicide bombing and jihadist techniques against the infidel are all right in certain situations. Based on a total population of two million Msulims living in the U.S. at that time, that would work out to somewhere near 200,000 individuals in this country that might not be jihad now, but are thinking along those lines in a low rage which might be indistinguishable from anyone else in the community. That was 2007. Those numbers must be higher now.

This is what we should fear.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev we caught and hopefully we’ll execute. It’s all that other potential for evil that lives right next door to us.

These people need to be sought out, maybe through a vetting process. I’m sure such maneuvers would be unconstitutional in peace time but we are at war. The enemy hides itself within the Muslim community. It is within the Muslim community we must go to ferret them out. Not to would be subjecting  ourselves to more attacks, needless bloodshed, and crying while the enemy laughs.

Photo at the top courtesy of Behind those dreamy little doe eyes, lies the thoughts and dreams of a mass murderer. Never let him fool you.

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