Why Every Jew Should Vote for Donald Trump — Iran Nuclear Deal

It seems that the American Jewish community has been largely silent about the July 2015 Iran nuclear deal.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called this deal a “historic mistake.”  The deal made it possible for Iran to have access to $150 billion in frozen assets. It did not end their nuclear weapons program. It did not require any nuclear facilities to be destroyed. It allows them to acquire nuclear weapons in about a decade, assuming they don’t cheat on the deal.

In addition, the administration “secretly” authorized a $1.7 billion cash ransom payment in exchange for five American hostages held in Iran. This money will be used by Iran to fund their terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East, including Hamas and Hezbollah, which seek to destroy Israel.

Simply put, American taxpayer money will be used to murder Jews, thanks to President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and the Democratic Party.

This payment also created an incentive for Iran to take more hostages, and sure enough, since the ransom payment was made in January, additional Americans have been taken hostage and thrown into Iranian jails.

We also learn that President Obama has quietly dismantled a key part of the ballistic missile sanctions against Iran. The ballistic missile program, according to the administration, was not supposed to be a part of the Iran deal.

Earlier this year, Iran launched two missiles, with one of the missiles having a message in Hebrew that read “Israel must be wiped out.”

The President also provided sanctions relief to Iran that will allow foreign companies to do business with Iranian companies owned by senior figures in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who have been involved in crimes against humanity and various human rights violations.

He also agreed to remove sanctions on several Iranian banks involved in various illegal activities, and on October 7, the President loosened restrictions on Iran’s ability to use American dollars in its business dealings, which will make it easier for Iran to transfer money for whatever purposes it chooses. This concession was also not required by the Iran nuclear deal, and days after this concession was announced, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles at the USS Mason, an American ship, off the coast of Yemen.

Let me be clear. This is madness. This is insanity. The President of the United States continues to make more and more concessions to the most anti-Semitic regime on the face of the earth. The Iran nuclear deal represents a serious threat to American national security and an existential threat to the nation of Israel. Any candidate or candidates, such as Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, that support these outrageous policies must be shunned, rejected, and condemned.

Why aren’t American Jews speaking out against these policies?  Do they approve of these policies? Do they know about them? Do they care? I do. That’s why I am voting for Donald Trump. He and the entire Republican Party have been very critical of the deal, the ransom payment to Iran, and all of the “secret” side deals and concessions that the administration made to Iran, which Congress and the American people were never informed of. It is time to stop these dangerous policies. Vote for Donald Trump.

About the Author
Dan works part-time as a writer on politics and current events.