Aaron David Fruh

Why Hamas Murdered Jewish Children

Documents discovered on the dead bodies of Hamas terrorists revealed plans to target a youth center and elementary schools. Throughout the areas the terrorists infiltrated, the bodies of forty babies were found. Several babies were beheaded, and others were burned. The fact that babies and children were targeted for slaughter and then beastly mutilated proves the demonically fueled intentions of Hamas and explains why Israel has no alternative but to erase the stain of Hamas from existence.

Hamas purposely sought to murder Jewish babies because a frenzied eschatological religious eliminationist ideology drove it. Hamas and their Iranian Islamist Mullah masters suffer from a crisis of narcissistic jealousy of gargantuan proportions. After two millennia, Jews have returned en masse to the homeland they inhabited for thousands of years and are thriving in a region meant to be under an Islamist caliphate culture of death.

The fact that Hamas kidnapped and killed infants and elderly alike reveals their murderous agenda. When they chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free,” they mean that from the cradle to the aged, Jews living in Israel must be eliminated. Hamas telegraphed to the world their diabolical plans for all Israelis when they butchered and beheaded babies. That’s why they took videos of their atrocities. They were sending a stark message, and we should listen.

Religious fanatics bent and twisted like Kafka’s Metamorphosis and filled with jealousy toward the chosenness of the Jewish people have historically demanded the sacrifice of Jewish children. As the Western world reels over the Islamist religious fanaticism that led to the beheading of babies in southern Israel on October 7, they should remember that European Christian fanatical antisemitism born out of the same jealousy that inspires Hamas previously led Christians also to commit heinous crimes against Jewish children.

In the 1903 Easter pogrom in Kishinev, Russia, Jews were accused of a blood libel—the murder of a Christian child for the use of his blood during the Jewish Passover. During the next several days, frenzied mobs of Christians roamed the streets of Kishinev like pariahs, slaughtering and dismembering Jewish babies. In all, forty-nine Jews were murdered, and 600 Jewish women were raped—many multiple times. Gangs of young Christian men hunted down Jews and beat them to death with crowbars. Some of the Jewish bodies were disemboweled. When the Christian mobs finished their raping, murdering, and butchering, hundreds of Jews were left severely injured or dead. On April 28, 1903, the New York Times gave this horrific description of the Kishinev Easter pogrom:

“The anti-Jewish riots in Kishinev, Bessarabia, are worse than the censor will permit to publish. There was a well-laid-out plan for the general massacre of Jews on the day following the Russian Easter. The mob was led by priests, and the general cry, “Kill the Jews,” was taken up all over the city. The Jews were taken wholly unaware and were slaughtered like sheep. …The scenes of horror attending this massacre are beyond description. Babies were literally torn to pieces by the frenzied and bloodthirsty mob. The local police made no attempt to check the reign of terror. At sunset, the streets were piled with corpses and wounded. Those who could make their escape fled in terror, and the city is now practically deserted of Jews.”

The Nazis—for the most part, baptized Christians—took great pleasure in burning Jewish children. Over one million children, including infants, were murdered. It was particularly pleasurable for the German Christians to burn children alive. Their screams of agony might well have soothed their murderers and strengthened the Christian antisemites to pull up every root of the Jewish race—no matter how small. In his book The Holocaust, Martin Gilbert records that in the Jewish ghetto hospital of Lodz, Nazi soldiers opened the upper-story windows and threw newborn Jewish infants to their deaths. The soldiers who stood below fastened their bayonets to their rifles and impaled the children before they hit the ground. And Nobel Prize recipient Eli Wiesel gives this account of his first night in Auschwitz in his book Night:

“Not far from us, flames, huge flames, were rising from a ditch. Something was being burned there. A truck drew close and unloaded its hold: small children. Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes…. children thrown into the flames. (Is it any wonder that ever since then, sleep tends to elude me?)…I pinched myself: Was I still alive? Was I awake? How was it possible that men, women, and children were being burned and that the world kept silent?… Never shall I forget that night, the first night in the camp, that turned my life into one long night seven times sealed. Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the small faces of the children whose bodies I saw transformed into smoke under a silent sky.”

Hamas Islamists murdered Jewish babies in southern Israel for the same reason Christian priests murdered babies in Kishiniv, Russia, and baptized Christian Nazis murdered Jewish babies in occupied Europe: religious fanatical jealousy of the chosenness of Jews. This is why Israel has no option but to defeat Hamas—the terrorist cabal has sent a clear message written in the blood of Jewish children.

A peace-loving Jewish friend of mine expressed to me a few days ago that violence never accomplishes anything, and to create a lasting peace, Israel must not retaliate against Hamas for their crimes against Jewish children, their siblings, or their parents and grandparents. I told him that I was very grateful the Allied forces used every weapon at their disposal to defeat the Nazis and free the Jews still alive in the death camps because if they had appeased the Nazi tyrants who intended to eliminate the Jewish people wholly and completely, he and I would have never been born.

Today, the children of Israel—and I mean that in a literal sense— face an existential threat from a religious ideology obsessed with an eschatological final destiny that will stop at nothing, not even the death of its own children, to snuff out Jewish life wherever it exists, starting with newborn infants. For the sake of its children, Israel has no choice but to destroy Hamas.

About the Author
Aaron David Fruh is a Research Fellow at The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) and the President of Israel Team Advocates, whose mission it is to change the growing anti-Israel narrative on college campuses. Aaron is the author of five books including The Casualty of Contempt: the alarming rise of Antisemitism and what can be done to stop it (editor), and Two Minute Warning: why it’s time to honor the Jewish people before the clock runs out. Aaron has written for The Jerusalem Post and The Algemeiner.