Why I Am Voting for Judson Hill for Congress

Just when you thought it was safe to walk around the neighborhood, start talking again to old friends who voted for the other person, and watch cable without stopping at a news station, the people of the 6th District (Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, East Cobb and parts of DeKalb) are being dragged back into a contentious election.  Dr. Tom Price who has served this district fantastically for over 12 years is now the cabinet Secretary for Health and Human Resources and we need to replace him.  The primary date is Tuesday, April 18, 2017.  Already new political signs are sprouting up like cherry blossoms.

This is an open election where all candidates run against each other and the top two face off in a runoff several weeks later.  The Republicans have put up 11 candidates which shows the diversity and strength of leadership this district has.  The unfortunate part is that this large number will split the vote and allow a Democrat to sneak into the top two unless we keep ourselves informed.  Of the 11 Republicans the top three are State Senator Judson Hill, former State Senator Don Moody, businessman Bob Gray,  and former Secretary of State Karen Handel.

Judson Hill has been in the State Senate for over ten years himself and has a distinguished record of legislation over the years.  He has fought for lower home taxes and has been instrumental in saving the Hope scholarship when it was near bankruptcy.  He has been in the forefront of having the State of Georgia buying $15 million dollars of Israel bonds for the state treasury.  He was a major supporter of the state giving money for the Federation NORC project (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities) which is the blueprint followed by many other states.  Most importantly, Judson has drafted and guided through the Senate legislation which prevented the State of Georgia from doing business or investing in businesses which do business with Iran.  This past year Judson was the leader in getting Georgia to stop doing business with entities which boycott, sanction or divest from Israel.  The Jewish community owes Judson Hill their support for his bold initiatives which are being copied currently in other states.

Also under the Republican leadership, communities starting with Sandy Springs and now Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Johns Creek and Alpharetta have been liberated to become independent cities free of  a stifling county government which happily took tax money and returned little back in services.  Also under Republican state government unemployment numbers have dropped, there is a surplus of state funds, and Georgia has made the top five state list for five years in the best place to do business.  If you have any doubt about this renaissance, just drive from Sandy Springs down to South Georgia and see the headquarters for Mercedes, then Porsche, and finally Kia.  When you watch the Walking Dead or countless other shows watch the credits and see the credits stating filmed in Georgia.  Only Hollywood is ahead of us in movie and television production.

But there is one hurdle to overcome.  The Democrats have put up a new singing group running for office, Jon Ossof and the four Nobodies.  The plan is to anoint Jon (just like the party hacks anointed Hillary and undercut Sanders) and let the Republicans slug it out.  To this end our district is being invaded by Democrat operatives from out of state going door to door and looking like Scientologists praising Jon.  Millions of dollars  are pouring in from out of state PACs and lobby groups with no ties or interest in our district.  There is only one problem.  There is no there there with Jon.  Young, yes.  Handsome, yes.  A bright future,possibly.  Accomplishments, NONE. Lives in the District, NO.  Any legislative experience, NO.  Any ideas how to improve healthcare NO.  I have yet to hear any ideas or policies from Jon.  I know he served as a staffer with Hank, Jews are like termites, Johnson, and with John, I boycott Trump  and oh, I forgot, Bush inaugurations, Lewis.

Our county deserves better than this.  We do not need an obstructionist but rather someone with successful legislative experience. Our district has been served admirably by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Dr. Tom Price and gave Senator Johnny Isakson his start.  We need to keep up this high standard of representation and ignore the noise and coalesce around Judson who supported the Jewish community when we needed it.

P.S.  Two days after submitting this for publication I was speaking to a rabbi when he told me that Mr. Ossof contacted him for support and an endorsement.  He told the rabbi that even though he is a Democrat, he still strongly supports Israel. My only thought was how the social justice imperative has overwhelmed the love of Jews for their second homeland.  

About the Author
Political Science BA Tufts University 1973 New York Medical College, MD. 1975 Board Certified Otolaryngology 1981 Fellow Otolaryngological Allergy 1990 Board Certifed Sleep Medicine 2009 Past President Georgia State Society of Otolaryngology 1990-91 Governor American Academy of Otolaryngology 1998-2001 from Georgia Card carrying liberal Jewish Democrat 1969-1996 Father of two lawyers and married 41 years Epiphany seeing an elephant in the sky 2004 Republican activist 2004 Able to get state law changed and helped Georgia to purchase $15 million Israel bonds Assisted in getting Georgia to ban doing business with Iran Chosen as a Republican National delegate 2016