Why I just turned myself into Canary Mission

Recently I turned myself into Canary Mission saying:

“My name is Zachary Kolodny. I have been accused by this organization of being a self-hating Jew. I consider myself a Zionist but I disapprove of the way Zionism has been carried out. I disapprove of the censorship in our community over Israel. This blacklist of college aged activists is the pinnacle of this censorship. In protest I am turning myself into this organization. I give full permission for this website to ridicule me as much as they have ridiculed other activists.  Make no mistake, I am a Zionist and less radical on Israel than Students for Justice in Palestine, but I refuse to sit back and witness this McCarthyism. I side with my fellow liberal Zionist dissenters in Israel such as Zehava Galon and Tamar Zandberg who are called out as being traitors as well.”

Of course when I say that I turned myself in I mean that I made an online submission to the website Canary Mission. This McCarthy-like database stores a blacklist of students and organizations which they feel are anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. While many, if not all, of the people and organizations listed are certainly anti-Israel it is a stretch for at least most of them to say they are anti-Semitic. Personally, it sickens me that there are those who feel the need to blacklist people for simply articulating their opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My God, these are just mostly if not all college ages kids. Where is the moral decency?  This is such an antithesis to the Jewish tradition of learning and debate. We in the Jewish community must condemn this exercise in censorship and McCarthyism. Please, even if you are a right wing fundamentalist who believes Israel should go the way of Naftali Bennet, please join me in fighting for open debate by submitting your information as a report of an “anti-Israel” person in protest of this erroneous website.

About the Author
Zachary Kolodny is a senior in high school. He lived with his family in Israel for almost a year. His passions include politics and civil rights. He is a liberal Zionist who cares deeply about Israel.