Why I Write

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There are some people that may know me from my posts or others that know me as a friend or relative. Regardless you probably know I love to write on the side. But why do I enjoy this and why do I constantly ask my friends to read my articles (they know who they are)? We may do things but if we must do something it is important to have a why.

I remember in first grade when we would do art and I was never as good at drawing. I thought to myself many times beyond first grade, “I would much rather write” or I would wonder, “why do people hate writing so much?” People may see writing as restrictive but I saw it as liberating. Granted essay writing was okay but when it came to being creative I was in my element.

As I’ve gotten older, I have realized it is hard to possibly say my thoughts in a way that is eloquent and cohesive. Writing somehow expresses my thoughts and feelings in a way that somehow makes sense. As I’m writing this blog post I do wonder if other people think if the words they say make sense.  Even if the articles or stories don’t make sense or are incomplete it makes me feel like I have a chance to be heard beyond my inner circle. Some of my highlights in university have been creative writing classes.

I want to thank the countless people that have made it possible for me to write and have given me the platform to express myself. To be with other people that enjoy expressing themselves in the same way I do is humbling. If writing has taught me one thing it is that the words you put out are truly a reflection of yourself. If reading my pieces makes someone feel less alone or like they belong then I have done my job.

About the Author
Sarah Salles is a nursing student who is passionate about helping others. She is originally from South Florida and has lived in New York briefly. She is passionate about Judaism, her greyhounds, and so much more. She can be found on Instagram @SarahrSalles
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