Why Israel?

Search for the justice and you will figure out the purpose of existence. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth and bravery of your heart will save you. Where is the heart? There where it finds peace with the soul. There where bravery and hope become one, unconditional love.

My heart belongs to a country which is more older than 3000 years. Unfortunately, those who are much younger than her deny her right of existence. My soul stayed in Holy Land, place of hope, miracles and true freedom.

I am often asked: “Why Israel?”

Well, nowadays fighting for your own freedom of speech, became huge risk. Nevertheless, I decided to risk because it worth to stand by the side of humanity. Furthermore, it is equally important to say that life has low price today. I despise fake values… For instance, you will often hear that “human rights activists” speak up to save lives? They condemn crimes? By their name, I guess, they should engage in protecting human lives? Well, I don’t think that they price life like their name says.

Moreover, I would like to ask, Is it crime to defend life or support those who despise it? Is it human to raise your kids teaching them to hate instead to love? Those who support children to stone people, especially soldiers, respect life? Giving guns instead of toys is right way to spend childhood? When I came in Israel, everything becomes clear to me. Israel is victim of pathetic media game which represents terrorists as “victims”, murders as lovers of life.

In addition, I figured out that the truth is hidden by the anti – Israel propaganda, which is very powerful and manipulative. Another key point which is important to realize for those who comment about Israel is that accurate information are not given. For instance, unfortunately, many times soldiers were stubbed; some people were murdered just because they returned in their homeland. Certainly, almost none talked about it, even those who reported about some terror attack, they usually don’t call it like that. Moreover, some medias try to justify it.. Those “human rights activists” are silent when Jewish blood is spilled. I have to tell that they are blind and deaf whenever innocent people are murdered and they can’t blame Israel. I would like to point out that “Free Gaza” is code for destruction of Israel. First of all, it’s important to say that freedom begins in mind. When mind is open, than the facts and reality can be accepted and processed. According to the all these facts, I may conclude that If someone needs to be “free” than, those are kids who are thought to hate, despise life and kill in the name of lies. Those who are quiet, deaf and blind are approving the crime. Accordingly, they support ideas which from innocent kids originate terrorists. I thought that this world requires humanity instead of hate. Why Israel? Regarding on my values, I love to live. Given this point, I can’t support those who despise most beautiful blessings of life: love, peace and humanity.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She is writer and journalist and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also an American PEN member.