Why Israel Must Reject The Two State Solution

Israel-Hamas war: Ambassador says Israel will not accept two-state solution | World News | Sky News
Israel’s ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely in a Sky News interview Dec 13, 2023 (Image sourced from Sky News)

AS THE STATE OF ISRAEL DEALS DECISIVELY WITH ALL THE THREATS OF TERROR—it becomes extremely clear why the rejection of the two-state solution is an absolutely non-negotiable fundamental right of Israel, and the basic principle for any future dealings with the Palestinian people, as well as the international community, including Western powers.

Before anything, I must congratulate the wonderful Israeli ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, who rationally and directly and honestly rejected the two-state solution as the root cause of radicalism that threatens the State of Israel.[1]

This is an important point to remember, the very cause of terrorism is the belief that the two-state solution is possible, and something that is a necessary pre-requisite for peace in the Middle East. As long as the political powers amongst Palestinians, as well as the Islamic people across the Arab world, think that the State of Palestine must happen, the terror attacks will continue since factions and fanatics amongst them think this will change the calculus of the State of Israel. And this is precisely why right from the start the State of Israel must explain that the two-state solution is fundamentally contrary to the national security interests of the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Furthermore, that the Palestinians cannot get a state right in the middle of Israel, this is impossible, and cannot happen, and will not happen.

The moment this fact becomes internalised by the Palestinians and the Islamic world at large, the terror tunnels, the terror plans, the terror attacks, and the hatred will stop, not just against Israel but against the West and even against moderate Muslims.

But even if the moderate Arab states reject the one state solution and insist that we must properly propose a two-state solution based on 1967 lines, this still must not make the State of Israel flinch or blink. Why? Because it does not matter what moderate Arabs think that is essential for Israel, rather what matters most is what is in the best interest in the long-term for Israelis. And no serious person can think that the two-state solution will benefit Israel at all, especially in the long-term.

Additionally, the notion of a two-state solution is deeply antisemitic since it contradicts the holiest scripture in Judaism, the Torah. This scripture is considered holy by Christians as well since the New Testament assumes the authority and validity of the Hebrew Bible. And the Torah clearly teaches that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, the children of Abraham from the line of Isaac.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s assume that two-state solution is successful, and the State of Palestine is born. What next? Undoubtedly, the entire global terrorist community, will celebrate. And they will be motivated to attack more countries with armies of suicide-bombers, beheaders and snipers, as well as launching rockets and hijacking planes. Why? Because they will want more territory and more states of their own. Do you remember when thousands of people from Europe and even the US left to go to Iraq and Syria to establish an Islamic state? And how many people died not just in Iraq and Syria but around Europe and in South-East Asia such as through the terror attacks by ISIS in Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Russia? Once terrorists, radicals and murderers get a state they start launching rockets and suicide attacks in other countries as well to get more victories and cause more carnage. This why the two-state solution must never be allowed to happen, as it will cause global destruction.

In fact, look at this report, which clearly shows that amongst Palestinians 72% support the October 7 terror strikes against Israel. Furthermore, the support for Hamas as a group in the West Bank has increased by 12% from September to a total of 44%. This is proof that radicalism has infected a huge portion of the Palestinian people, thereby making it difficult as to how Israel could avoid getting attacked if the two-state solution was implemented.[2]

The dangers of armed Arabs filled with ferocious fanaticism and raw hatred flooding in fighting till the last bullet cannot be overestimated at all. We know this is what will happen because of 9/11 and the October 7 attacks in southern Israel as well as the 7/7 bombings in London and countless acts of terror across the world. This is what has happened before the Islamic radicals have had a state of their own, imagine once they get a state, the amount of training and resources they will invest in just to destroy Israel!

In line of reasoning consistent with my aforementioned points, there is this additional fact to consider: in all previous negotiations with Palestinian political representatives and regional stakeholders, particularly on the issue of the state of Palestine, the intransigence of the Palestinian position, as well as the desire of neighboring countries to permanently destroy and dislodge Jewish people from the State of Israel, made talking to the Arab representatives a waste of time. Their intentions were the destruction of the State of Israel, and their actions proved it. How many wars did they fight with Israel which they all lost? The Six Day War which was caused by the enemies of Israel, forcing the latter to pre-emptively strike them, landed rightfully the State of Israel a decisive victory, in terms of gaining additional land and destroying enemy armies.[3]

This is proof that ultimately Israel has prevailed only because of the strength of the State of Israel, and not because the enemies of Israel have become merciful or accepted Israel with open arms. This is why the two-state solution is another attempt to diplomatically create the situation for a future war where Israel can be attacked again.

One final point of analysis: even the regional countries at this moment in time are not seriously, in all honesty, desirous of a Palestinian state, despite making statements to the contrary. Why? Because they do not consider political Islam to be consistent with their quasi-military regimes and absolute monarchies. The idea that a democratic election could take place in a Palestinian state is in complete contradiction to the anti-democratic political tradition in the Middle East. The two-state solution is not a solution for anyone, not even the Arab world governments.




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