A Field Guide to Liberal British Israel Haters

‘I’m shocked, shocked to find that hating is going on in here! ‘ Casabalanca – almost.

Really, I am not shocked that many Muslims and Arabs show their displeasure in Europe at Israel by attacking synagogues. Nor am I shocked that old time fascists crawl out of the woodwork.

But I really am shocked to find them joined by the ideological community of which I thought I was a member. That is, British liberals. People that believe in rights for women, LBSGs, minorities, the poor etc. How could a British feminist ex-friend of mine march in Sydney shouting ‘We are all Hezbullah now’?

I was brought up in this community. My parents subscribed to ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The New Statesman’. They were proud that 300,000 liberally minded people turned back an army of Blackshirts and won a victory over anti-semitism on Sunday October 4 1936, the ‘Battle of Cable Street’ in London.

I was brought up to admire how the Jews created a social democrat Israel. How it survived attempts at extermination by its neighbours.

Now the same community is marching hand in hand with Jew haters and those that want to exterminate Israel.

What happened?

I’ve been reading  ‘The Guardian’, The New Statesman’, and ‘The Independent’ online and have tried to separate their themes from plain anti-semitism posts (usually disguised as anti-Zionism) which are old news. The new news is the nature of the comments made by their readers. This liberal community shows its hatred for Israel with the foulest language.

Here is a guide to these themes. With examples of comments from readers. Note that these are the comments that were NOT deleted, that were considered by these left leaning newspapers to meet community standards!

1. Israel controls the media: an old intersection of anti-capitalist and anti-semitic memes brought up-to-date.

Independent: ‘our governments have gone out of their way to condone or excuse Israeli atrocities over many years by their regular, cowardly submissions to malevolent pressure from such groups as the Friends of Israel and AIPAC. ‘

New Statesman: ‘Israel government is killing children and good thing is people are beginning to see this. Not every media is controlled by Mr Murdoch anymore. ‘ (When was Murdoch Jewish??)

2. Israel is a state based on a religious ethnicity, and religion is the opium of the people and prevents the realization of Socialism.

New Statesman:  ‘to create an ethnocentric Jewish State needs to get rid of the native population…… if you make some research you would find the instances of IDF soldiers killing Palestinian children for sport.’ (Yuk, sorry about this one!)

New Statesman: ‘It is appropriate that the disgusting vindictive and self- indulgent god of the Pentateuch the god of the Zionists.’

3. Israel is a Western colony, so opposing Israel is a continuation of liberal anti-colonialism.

Guardian: ‘But what would we in Britain do if a large chunk of our land – proportionate to the West Bank – had been taken by a foreign power, built upon and our people repressed? ‘

Independent: ‘Soon you find you need even more Lebensraum (yet more and more land) so the Drang nach Osten begins (ever more settlements are built) to assuage your insatiable greed.’

4. Israel exists to be a nation state, and nationalism is the opposite of traditional left support for internationalism.

New Statesman: ‘Judaism in no way, shape, or form resembles Zionism. Zionism is a hateful ideology, much akin to the Manifest Destiny of 19th century America.’ (This was from an avowedly Jewish commentator!)

Guardian: ‘Divide, rule, steal… the Israeli methodology.’

If you’ve got this far, congratulations. You have a strong stomach. Mine is turning. As is my allegiance to the British community of liberals.


About the Author
Born in UK. Migrated to Australia. Now retired and living in Jerusalem.