Why Socialism Fails

Socialism is the dream of advancing humanity to something that takes man beyond what we are, but the reality always comes at a price of human suffering. Whenever it has been tried, misery and death follow. There has never been a successful attempt to bring about socialism, but those who believe in the dream cannot accept the failures.

What socialists are unable to account for is the reason it fails. Human nature and human emotion cannot be made to disappear. Every attempt made to remove it has caused problems not foreseen by the socialists, since they cannot accept humans are flawed no matter the system put into place.

Soviets created more suffering, misery and death of their own people than under the worst of the Tsars and dictators they replaced. Soviet Jews suffered next to Soviet gentiles as a strong government sought to force a better humanity through the purging of undesirables.

No matter the system of government that has existed, part of being human is being lazy. If a person does not benefit from their own labor, a reduction in what is produced follows every time. Union shops produce less that non-union shops, since union shops carry equal raises for everyone regardless of how productive one is.

The pilgrims were known to be hard working before landing at Plymouth. An agreement was made to share the land. All food produced would be used for the community equally regardless of what had been produced. Laziness resulted in starvation and disease killing about half the population before private ownership of land was introduced. When people were responsible for their own land, people worked harder and produced more food, which led to the first Thanksgiving.

Stalin’s forced cooperative farms in the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine, led to a famine Stalin’s policies were directly responsible for. Rather than produce the same amount of food as was expected, far less was the result; just as had been the case with the Pilgrims. Laziness cannot be dictated out of a person any more than a purge can remove it from humanity.

Stalin is the biggest mass murderer in history who brought about suffering for Jews and gentiles alike. His purges resulted in mass executions and forced labor at the gulags. There was nothing Stalin did that was out of the ordinary for anyone who believes the dream can be manifested into reality.

When the Khmer Rouge came to power in Cambodia, they took the farmers out of the farms and replaced them with people from the city. What resulted was less production, which they blamed on the people from the city and had them all shot. The Khmer Rouge is believed to have executed a third of the Cambodian population in the belief that socialism would prevail in the end.

There is another part of human nature that is ignored by socialists at great cost every time they come to power. Individual ability does differ between people. When farmers are removed and replaced by people who have never farmed, the production of food will be less. Farmers know what they are doing from experience and ability to do the job. Not everyone was meant to be a farmer and no matter how many are shot by socialists; it cannot be made to happen.

People are not replaceable by just anyone just because a socialist government wants it to be so. Several years ago, the engineers who worked at the oil processing plants in Venezuela were removed and replaced with people who had no understanding of how the process works. One of the biggest oil producers in the world cannot produce enough gas to keep long lines from forming.

Socialism is the tearing down of everything that existed prior to them coming to power, often times by executions of those who were part of the government. In many cases, scientists and engineers all work for the government, which means killing off the very scientists and engineers who are needed.

Socialism brings out another trait that if very much a part of being human. Man’s inhumanity to man is unlike anything that can be found in nature. It is part of what makes us unique as a species, since no other species finds more ways to kill their own. Beyond killing is the ability to torture our fellow man, which no animal does. Animals kill out of instinct; humans kill and torture by choice.

Another aspect of human nature not taken into account is man’s ability to create comes from the individual, not the collective. When someone is free to create, greatness can be achieved through one’s own pursuit of individual passion. As part of a collective, the individual innovations that bring greatness are crushed. Innovation does not survive a bureaucratic state.

The Peasants Revolt of 1381 was the start of moving away from workers being owned who worked the land. By the time Francis Drake is born in 1541, peasants outside the towns and cities were free to pursue whatever they wished. The son of a poor farmer, such as the case with Drake, was no longer going to be a farmer. Many did continue to farm, but plenty found other means to achieve success.

Within the cities and towns, guild masters controlled everything, including the prices and goods that were allowed to be sold. There was no competition and no innovation, which was not the case outside of the guild master’s reach. People from the cities and towns went to the villages to purchase things, since that was where the innovation was occurring.

When people are free to pursue their abilities, greatness as a nation follows. Socialism has produced only misery and death, since it does not allow for the people to be free. Soviet Jews suffered greatly under Stalin, which did continue after De-Stalinization began. The mass exoduses to Israel that followed when they were free to leave shows just how poorly socialism works no matter who runs the state.

Those who believe socialism can work are not the ones who suffered under socialism. It is always by those who dream of a better world without taking into consideration the reality of being human. Man’s baser nature cannot be wished away anymore than it can be shot away. Man’s inhumanity to man will always remain s part of who we are, just as man’s innovation has and will continue to exist within the whole of humanity.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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