Why This Black-Jewish Feminist Won’t “March With Linda”

I am a proud feminist. However, I have never supported the Women’s March. The main reason is that I find it unequivocally anti-woman. Under the guise of political correctness the Woman’s March has operated in a manner that not only discourages feminism, it outright attacks it. If examined closely, there is no difference in the amount of bigotry the organizers of the March display than those who are members of the incel  movement.

Feminist movements have long stood not only for equality, but also for equity and justice. Being a feminist does not mean hating men or trying to emulate masculine identity, but embracing femininity. Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour hides under her fake feminism, espousing anti-woman sentiment against women who hold beliefs that contradict her own. She promotes lies about sharia law, claiming that it is in line with feminist values. Sarsour openly attacks women who have been fighting, under threat of fatwa, for the rights of women around the world. While I have no interest in convincing others of what type of religious or political system to support, I can state unapologetically that sharia, and the hundreds of thousands of girls and women who have been put to death for “honor” under it, is not feminism.

Feminists do not need to lean on others to legitimize the movement for gender equity. However, Women’s March leaders turn to Farrakhan and other anti-LGBTQ groups under the false guise of intersectionality. This is the action of fake feminism. Farrakhan’s hatred of the LGBTQ community and open hostility against others does not represent intersectionality with feminist groups. In fact, Farrakhan has taken a very open stance against feminism.

Following in the footsteps of leaders of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by spewing anti-Jewish rhetoric under the pretense of anti-Zionism is not progressive. Blaming a people for all of the injustices of the world, claiming ludicrous conspiracies all the while, is not social justice. What needs to be discussed is how a movement for women transformed into something so absurdly anti-woman.

As a Black-Jewish woman I strongly believe in the right of individuals and nations to self-determination. I am unapologetically Zionist, supporting my people’s right to autonomy. I am pro-choice, even if that choice ends up being anti-abortion. I believe that there is not one way to be a feminist. That ideology, the ideology of Sarsour, is anti-woman, anti-feminist, and anti-independence. These are just a few of the reasons why I cannot support this false, puppet movement.  The stance the Women’s March has taken against self-determination, social justice, equity, and civil liberties is not progressive, it’s not liberal, and it is certainly not feminist.

About the Author
Brandy Shufutinsky is a social worker, with a MSW from the University of Southern California and a MA in International Relations from the University of San Diego. She hopes to utilize her advocacy in social justice on a global level, working towards making education more accessible to immigrant populations. She has previously been published in The Forward. Brandy is working on a doctoral degree at the University of San Francisco in International Multicultural Education.
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