Why we Need Bibi In Charge

I have heard lots of critiques regarding Israeli PM Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and some I am also certain of, have merit. We live in a very imperfect world with very imperfect leaders. But so what? Do we throw away the best that we have (along with the Baby and the Bathwater)? Or do we act maturely work with the best that we have, always fighting for changes in government policy, trying to add “new blood” in the political arena – new people with new ideas that can benefit society and boost our present leadership?

I say we stick with proven leadership. I think that with all of his (human) imperfections, Bibi Netanyahu has proven to be in many ways the kind of leader I would like to have for the State of Israel. The founders of the Modern State of Israel wanted to create the “New Jew” – no longer the Jew living in the Ghetto in the Diaspora, fearing Anti-Semitic neighbors and state led Anti-Semitic policies which often culminated in downright massacres of Jewish communities and banishment from lands of their birth. They wanted Jewish leaders to lead the Jewish State who would not worry about “what will the Goyim (Nations of the World literally) say” watching their every word, every action lest they arouse the wrath of some Anti Semite. They wanted New Jews – Israelis with “Chutzpah”- nerve-  who would do whatever it took to protect the Jewish People wherever they are persecuted in the world, protected by G-d and the Israel Defence Forces – the modern equivalent of the armies of King David.

Well, with Bibi – we got it. Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu has eloquently represented the State of Israel for many years in a United Nations which has proven to be hostile to Israel (see the relative number of resolutions condemning Israel as opposed to countries openly practising slavery, corporal punishment, genocide…), in the White House and anywhere else he would be in an official capacity. In spite of efforts to isolate the State of Israel –  the only Jewish State which he was representing, Bibi had the “Chutzpah” to join World Leaders in the March against Terror in Paris after the horrific Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Supermarket massacres by Islamic Terrorists. Bibi is wise enough to understand what his political opponents are missing: if you don’t stand up to bullies – you are empowering them.

True, I was offended that the “uninvited” PM of Israel,  Benjamin Netanyahu had to “push” himself into the so-called “Family of Nations” during the anti terror activities with other world leaders in Paris, but I was extremely proud that I had someone like Bibi with his presence (although not invited – now that’s Chutzpah – after all Jews were specifically targeted  in the terror attacks!) telling the World; Israel and the Jewish People are Here and we are Here To Stay. I am proud of Bibi for sticking to his guns and planning to accept the invitation to Washington. I pray that he does not buckle under extreme pressure to cancel his talk. I am angry and embarrassed by Israeli Politicians and Jews who publicly condemn Bibi’s plans to give his speech (after all, he was invited by Congress!) in Washington. Embarassed by those who are so scared of “What will the Nations Say” that they will try to shame the Leader of the State of Israel into not going.

Those who publicly bash and and blame Bibi Netanyahu for being the “cause of deteriorations in the relations with the US” represent the attitudes to me, of the “Ghetto Jew” – don’t upset “them” – or “they” might hurt us. Wake Up and Smell the Flowers: Some of “them (we have plenty of Rational Friends in the Non Jewish World!) might try to hurt us, because they do not like the thought of a Strong Jewish State – and as far as I know, Bibi has nothing to do with age old regular Anti Semitism, including hatred not only of Jews but also the State of Israel which  is the Only Official Jewish State in the World.

I want a leader who will stand up to bullying and efforts to silence the voices of the Jewish State and of Rational People, Non Jewish Friends of Israel who recognize Evil for what it is, and who Value Freedom and Democracy –  for those who wish to remain Brothers in Arms against the Evil that is endangering the entire world. So I say Vote for Bibi – He is that “Israeli with the Chutzpah” – Thank G-d. He won’t hesitate to speak up for Israel (and the Free World) in the face of tremendous pressure and attacks and attempts to further isolate Israel. If you want “Ghetto Jew” leaders (that is an oxymoron I believe), then vote for those who prefer to embarrass and de-legitimize the democratically voted in Prime Israel of the Jewish State of Israel.  But think twice before you consider doing this. If you want a Strong Israel that is.By the way, don’t assume that “Bibi doesn’t really need my vote” – be responsible and make sure he has your strong backing, that is, if you want an Israeli leader with Chutzpah, not Fear.

About the Author
Barbara Solomon Brown is a Geriatric Social Worker,a Child of Holocaust Survivors, and is a Canadian who made Aliyah with her husband and family in 1996. She lives in her beloved Beit Shemesh. She continues to be a Social and Political Activist on things related to Israel and the Jewish People. She runs Aliyah121 specializing in the Elderly & Aliyah. Motto: Acts of Kindness Build the World.
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